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Full Thrust Ebay listings…Live for the next 7 days!

Ok anyone out there wants to buy my spare Space ships and some Planet scenenery can now do so on ebay Click on the link , you’ll then need to click on “see sellers other listings” for full list…..Good luck

Postage will be combined on multiple purchases.


Space Pirates off the Starboard Bow!!!!

Clearly no Sci fi collection would be complete without this ship….I have a few in various scales but wanted one in fleet scale so i could fit into my Game!

Again this little gem came from Bergstrom The detail is quite amazing given the size..I don’t think i have done it justice….but it ws the best i could do!

Just about got it in focus, which isn’t easy!

Millennium Falcon Fleet Scale

Millennium Falcon Fleet Scale

For an idea of Size…here it is alongside the Liberator..the Liberator is 50mm long so I’m guessing the Falcon should be a bit smaller if it was to be 1/7000 scale..but this is close enough for my game. it is more likely in scale with bergstroms fleet scale fighters……some of which will be next!!!

In a Galaxy far, far Away…………..

My ever expanding fleet of sci fi movie craft took on board the Iconic Star Destroyer from Studio Bergstrom (I can’t speak highly enough of the service and products at this online store, delivery from the states was lightening fast, communication was instant!! The pictures on Andrew’s site sometimes don’t do enough justice to the models themselves….which are extremely detailed given their really small size. Obviously someone has attempted a paint job on some fleet scale fighters and makro setting on camera can be cruel. I have yet to photograph my fighters..but i know the paint job won’t be too good, as once you start going beyond a casual dry brush you are in trouble!!! (my fighters are incredibly detailed, more on those shortly)

But here is Bergstrom’s take on a fleet scale Star destroyer..which i just had to have…now I’m sure it isn’t 1/7000 scale which is my kind of bench mark…but if it was it would likely be too big for my battle mat playing area!!! so really big ships are fine in a smaller scale!

This Imperial ship has a hull cast in resin and a bridge in pewter (I think)

I just need to get a Fighter wing for it now!

Imperial Star Destroyer

Imperial Star Destroyer fleet scale

Along side a Federation Pursuit Ship for size…although not equally scaled!

…and on the 8th day……..

……I finished making the planets…and little moons (not illustrated) haven’t named any yet…but they came out rather well. Polystyrene balls of various sizes, covered in textured acrylic paste, then painted.

Just need to make some asteroids.




The Final Frontier

Managed to get some chip board at weekend, 2 packs of 3 board which is meant for flooring in loft (tongue and groove). I paired them off and glued together with wood glue. Placed them on my dinning room table

It was very straight forward, no cutting needed. I placed the mat on top added the models and some base coated planets for effect.


They say Space is Big……………….

…………..But in my house it is 6 foot by 4 foot…….and it arrived in the post today from Canada. (Delivery time 10 days!!!! so pretty fast) So this felt mat from Hotz mats will go on some MDF which will be 6×4 feet and will be the games board.

I placed all my ships on it for effect….I must now get on with scenery.

it’s been two weeks since i thought of doing this and it’s nearly all sorted!

Hexes are 1 inch.

Hotz Mats

Hotz Mats

Hotz Mats

On the edge of the Delta Quadrant

I needed to have a Space station or two for the game. So it was a fairly easy choice….a Micro machines Deep Space 9….it arrived yesterday and I completely repainted it.

The pictures below show it with various ships for scale purposes.

The station itself was meant to be 1350 meters diameter…so that means this is scaled at roughly 1/23,280….massively out of scale with my ships!

If you are wondering what I used for the Fabric of Space and time in the background of all these shots……….it was an Old Tee shirt! hehehehe…well i thought it was funny!

Ships for Full Thrust Game

Having spent some time now getting familar with this area of the hobby that is quite new to me, I have discovered the various scales used in such games.

Squadron, Fleet and large scale… (I have settled on 1/7000) Now my plastic ships would likely be in the Squadron size…so I will have to re classify them as all other ships will be in Fleet Scale……I have some rather tiny fighters coming! 6 to a hex base which means anything i have previously referred to as a fighter will have to be something else!

The other thing that i gave some thought to was the ships themselves, there are plenty of very interesting designs out there in all scales. What I really wanted however were as many ships from all my favourite TV and sci fi movie shows in the same game!!!! 

The nature of science fiction makes this possible….and why not…..Haven’t you ever wondered what would happen if The Borg Cube from Star Trek decided to take on the Death Star!

Well those two ships aside, i have indeed set about collecting as many similar scaled ships as i could find….as you know I started with Blakes 7, (as well as some imagined plastic ships)  I have since ordered in Fleet scale, an Imperial Star Destroyer, Millennium Falcon, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Fighter squadron, and an advanced Viper fighter squadron based on those from Battle Star Gallactica!!! I also plundered Micro machines back catalogue for a Space station….Deep Space 9 (which has arrived) it isn’t in scale, but if it were it would take up a large part of the table top, so like the Planets/moons/asteroid belts scenery it will be Eye candy scale!!! 

The only tricky situation will be making all these ships fit within the frame work of rules..but it shouldn’t be too difficult, and will be much more fun to play with……after a few beers!!!!

So Pictures as i have them………………… this…errr…. Space!

Number Six…..”The Prisoner”

“The Prisoner”  with the late, great Patrick McGoohan in the lead role of no.6 is one of my favourite TV shows.

Some years back I purchased the DVD box set and it came with a free 1/43 model of the Lotus 7 used by no.6 in the opening sequence. So when I saw that Crooked Dice had a lookey likey in their rogues gallery of figures I had to get him!

He is as near as you can get in terms of scale to the car, and certainly…in my opinion, really looks like him! I think from now on he will live in the little box with dust cover, the Lotus is displayed in.

It took longer to paint his number six badge a jacket piping than it did the rest of the figure…but I think he came out very well in the end.

Ships………..for ebay!

These are the ships (2 of each type) that I don’t need for the game……so next time Ebay has a free listing week these will be listed.

Fighter size ship, penny for scale

Light grey fighter with green tipped pods

Cruiser size in Blue

Cruiser size in blue

Cruiser size in weathered  Silver

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