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SPACE ORKS 40K for sale

carvel orks

My friend is selling off his Old Warhammer stuff this time it is an ORK army broken down into several listings it runs until next weekend, so you had better be quick!

Very Nicely painted and very cheap.

here are the links to listings

Zapp artillery

Ork Halftraxx

Rocket boyz

Heavy weapons

Flammer wagon

Gretchin trouble makers

Troop transport

Troop transport 2

Ork rocket nob

Ork boyz

Killer Kan

War Boss

Ork Lobba and crew









Oldhammer 40k Catachan Army For Sale!


I have lots of visitors to my blog who are 40k/Space crusade players so here is a little treat for them.

One of my friends is finally selling off his old 40k Catachan army on ebay

Link here

Fully assembled and painted to a very high standard the full list of units are as follows

Armoured infantry.

A well painted 40k army. A mixture of steel legion power and catachan

Imagine an army dragged together in the face of unstoppable hoards.
1 X Lemann  russ.
1 X Command vehicle
.basilisk X 1
2 X jungle walkers
2x steel legion walkers
1x jagdtiger
1x troop flyer
Lots of infantry …a mixture of heavenly lead and practical plastic.
A rare chance to get your hands on such a huge piece of nostalgia….but you’d better be quick!!!!

Androids and Dreadnoughts!

Dred 1Dred 2Dred 3Dred 4Dred 5Dred 6Dred 7

Raven Guard

Rav 1Rav 2Rav 3Rav 4Rav 5Rav 6Rav 7Rav 8Rav 10Rav 11

Thousand Sons

Red TS 1red ts 2red TS 3

Khorne Berserkers

kh 2kh 3kh 4kh 6kh 7b


Eldar 1Eldar 2Eldar 3Eldar 6Eldar 7Eldar 8