Ships for Full Thrust Game

Having spent some time now getting familar with this area of the hobby that is quite new to me, I have discovered the various scales used in such games.

Squadron, Fleet and large scale… (I have settled on 1/7000) Now my plastic ships would likely be in the Squadron size…so I will have to re classify them as all other ships will be in Fleet Scale……I have some rather tiny fighters coming! 6 to a hex base which means anything i have previously referred to as a fighter will have to be something else!

The other thing that i gave some thought to was the ships themselves, there are plenty of very interesting designs out there in all scales. What I really wanted however were as many ships from all my favourite TV and sci fi movie shows in the same game!!!! 

The nature of science fiction makes this possible….and why not…..Haven’t you ever wondered what would happen if The Borg Cube from Star Trek decided to take on the Death Star!

Well those two ships aside, i have indeed set about collecting as many similar scaled ships as i could find….as you know I started with Blakes 7, (as well as some imagined plastic ships)  I have since ordered in Fleet scale, an Imperial Star Destroyer, Millennium Falcon, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Fighter squadron, and an advanced Viper fighter squadron based on those from Battle Star Gallactica!!! I also plundered Micro machines back catalogue for a Space station….Deep Space 9 (which has arrived) it isn’t in scale, but if it were it would take up a large part of the table top, so like the Planets/moons/asteroid belts scenery it will be Eye candy scale!!! 

The only tricky situation will be making all these ships fit within the frame work of rules..but it shouldn’t be too difficult, and will be much more fun to play with……after a few beers!!!!

So Pictures as i have them………………… this…errr…. Space!


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