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Mini Moke Hub Caps

Fellow Prisoner fan Jeremy from Jersey (Channel Islands) very kindly sent me some parts that work as hub caps for the Mini Mokes, making them more accurate, since the Taxis used in filming had them. (the bond moke doesn’t have them)

Added them to my Taxis and they work fantastically well.

Thanks Jeremy!!!

Moke cap 4Moke caps 2

Vote No.6 !

Vote 6 AVote 6 b

“What do you do with a drunken sailor?”

No.22, an Ex admiral in someones fleet, now “retired” to the Village.

A Foundry figure conversion.

Brolly by me, officers cap ww2 Russian! figure by foundry!

No 22 C bb

More village people ” I am not a number”

Finally made decals of the numbers for the Villagers badges.

No2 BbNo6 BbNo8 Bbno26 ano29 aNo24 ano41 aNo 54 bNo65 aNo66 bNo112 aNo 18 aNo 73 a

No2 “Arrival”

This was a conversion piece. Crooked dice body (ed straker) with minion head also from CD. Megaphone from a 28mm ww2 russian officer, arms perry twins, hand Wargames factory, base, scarf and decals my own!!!!!

N0 2 Arrival Bb