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Rebel Alliance gets a new ship!

Another of my friends gifts…not an official ship from The “wars universe” but I will put  it with the rebel alliance forces as they need all the ships they can get their hands on!!! it’s going to be a frigate.

I need to paint in the stand!

Imp 8 B


Imperial Reinforcements

Just repainted 2 small ships that were given to me by a friend, They are very detailed ships.

I thought they would fit in nicely as Escort ships for The Imperial Fleet. i also managed to finish my Berstrom Imperial Interdictor Cruiser.

Imp 3 BImp 5 B


Droid Control Ship

Picked this up a while back, it’s prepainted which is total pants, so will have to re paint it. it came from the Star Wars magazine ship collection and is diecast.

it’s a good size for fleet scale, and I have a lot of fighters to go with this ship!!!

Star Wars Droid control ship

Fleet Scale Ships/Starship Combat News

Late last year I joined an excellent forum called Starship Combat News

Lots of very interesting stuff for anyone who likes Sci fi ships. ….there is also a trading post/orbital shipyards section where you can get in touch with people who make their own ships to sell, one such person is Scouls502 you’ll need to join the forum to speak to him and all the other guys who make stuff.

I was able to pick up quite a few ships to fill the holes in my space fleets, Scouls502 also very kindly made me a little proxy for Starbug……pictures will follow!

Amazing detail on all his ships, and a nice guy to boot….highly recommended!


Rebel Base… an Asteroid

I needed a rebel base and decided to modify one of my Asteroids for this…it then lead to a couple more being modified for defence turrets!

Rebel Base 1 Rebel Base 2 Rebel Base 3 Rebel Base 4W

Cloud City

Likely to be the last of my De Agostini models…..Cloud city which I will use as some sort of  Space station/mining station or trading post.

Cloud city 1 Cloud city two

Death Star Comparison

I have had a few emails asking me to show a comparison shot of the two versions of the Death Star from De Agostini magazine series. The Mk 1 and Mk 2

So here it is… the irony is the Mk1 is slightly bigger than the Mk2 version!!! but for me it doesn’t really matter as I intend to use them in my game as one death star, one under construction and then the other when building is complete.

The Ultra rare Mk1 version is pretty well done it has to be said.

Star Wars Death starStar Wars Death star