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Federation Troopers!

It’s been quite exciting for me this week as over last weekend it suddenly dawned on me that I should get back into Sci Fi modelling again after quite a break. (I still plod on with the ancients…still a mountain left to do!)

I got my thinking cap on….Blake’s 7 a 1970’s BBC show was one of my favourites as a kid…not many models of that about..and certainly nothing like the merchandising we get today. I always wanted an Army of Federation Troopers, and of course all the other figures! The Space ships I will cover in another post! but for now I want to concentrate on 28mm figures.

BigAl a blog follower and forum dweller friend of mine, gave me a link last week for Crooked Dice……….Oh my!!! For some one of my age there are plenty of trips down memory lane there…I bought a few figures amongst them, some that bore a remarkable similarity to Federation troopers! Figure quality is supreme, I’m going to be buying a lot more of these!

I set about painting them yesterday……they are amongst the easiest figures to paint that I have ever taken a brush to, being 95% Black. I did a subtle dry brushing of grey to pick out detail…although I confess my photo’s don’t really do them justice. I may well make some decals for these…..and I want to buy some Federation heads to make a large force of Troopers….but with enhanced uniforms maybe body armour, the trick will be finding suitable scale bodies to chop up, and i’d prefer plastic! More on that as it developes, but for now here are the 3 Troopers, bases just being primed……tufts and stuff likely to follow when I have worked out how i want them to look.

Federation trooper

Federation trooper

Federation trooper

Federation troopers