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Romans on the BBC UPDATED 30th July 2015

Updated 30th July.

Well, my apologies for anyone that wasted an hour of their lives watching that drivel.

The segment that the BBC used my model in was the Time line on the beach at Mary port.

If you missed it, the battle scene was on the third plinth, pretty pointless filming it from 200 yards away, but then the Director clearly is an expert in his field.

Might as well have been a plate of baked beans on toast to be honest. I would imagine the 300+ kids at my wifes school, who’s model it now is will be utterly mortified having waited a year to see it on TV.  The thing that really bothers me about it is the amount of Tax payers money utterly wasted shipping this out to them via insured courior shipping it back and the cost of a replacement display case which was damaged in the process, all for utterly nothing.

Sadly given that the sequence was in fact meant to be a time line it was utterly shambolicly done, they didn’t even do a great job of filming the Roman armour someone had lent them either which should have got vastly more air time than it did. The director clearly felt it was worth focussing in on a blow up of a print at the end of the time which wasn’t even Roman. Given how badly the sequence was cut, they might as well have removed the entire segment.

We live and we learn, another mistake i won’t make again.

Original Post

The BBC have been in touch to say that my model of the Roman Battle scene they used in filming will be shown shortly.

“Coast” series 10, starts it run on Thursday 9th July 2015 at 9pm on BBC2

I believe the model features in episode 4 “The Irish Sea” on Thursday the 30th July at 8pm BBC 2.

This is what to look out for!



Village Sentinel Drones Updated

Completely redesigned my Sentinel Drone bases from scratch. I sculpted a new base with model filler, this was the 4th attempt, so these are MkIV’s !

I then went away and made a mold, and replicated it. The real effort is in the painting of the base. Pebble design is based on the pathways at Portmeirion, but I took some liberties/artist license with weathered paving slabs and over grown grass verges, in real life these things are perfect.

For anyone interested in buying some of these fully painted models to go with their 28mm figures or car collection, a limited number are available from Rick over at the superb “The Unmutual”   (a Prisoner based website) With the proceeds going to “Hope house childrens Hospices”, so please get in touch with him and he’ll sort you out.

Rov 2Rov 5Rov 8Rov me 2Rov me 5

1/43 Austin Princess Hearse

Well it’s Fathers day here in UK……..and look what i got! hahahahaha, excellent! The Austin Princess hearse features very heavily in the opening titles of The Prisoner, and crops up in the occassional episode too…it is like most of the vehicles used in the series, Iconic.  It completes the set for me.  I will make some Decals to show the correct number plate.

One thing that is apparent is its size compared to the tiny Lotus and Moke. A very detailed model, made by “Oxford” and is scaled at 1/43.

hearse 3bHearse 4bhearse 5bHearse 6bhearse 7bhearse 8bHearse set bb

Alouette II The Village Helicopter

This Model of the Alouette II is a 1/48th Scale Model kit by heller.

I had to scratch build the floats as the model doesn’t come with any.

I also made the decals, and decided not to mark it up completely the same as the one used in the series as some the markings in that had nothing to do with the TV show at all, being one, the Helicopter registration number and two, a company logo on the nose that leased the chopper. So my Helicopter just has the Penny Farthing logo’s and the rotor blade warning strips.

I also added a 28mm scale Pilot.

Alou 2Alou 3Alou 4Alou 5Alou 6Alou 7

Village Person 6

At some later date I might well swap his hat for a straw Boater and of course give him a number for his badge.

Another Thrilling tales range figure from Artizan

Artizan figure

Artizan figure “Thrilling tales Range”

Village People 5 “The Old Peoples Home”

Clearly, some of the residents of the Village, who stayed in their jobs until the bitter end and didn’t resign early;) would have been transferred there at retirement.  Luckily for those, older, more frail residents there is an Old Peoples Home…and it’s clearly equipped with some nurses.

These stunning sculpts are part of a set from Pulp figures  obviously I did a bit of head surgery with a file and sculpted my own Straw Boater……classic village uniform!

Nurse 1Nurse 2Nurse 3Nurse 4

Village people 4

Village needs a Postman…and he gets about on a Penny Farthing!

Postman 1Postman 2Postman 3

Village People 3

Pading out the village requires imagination and a bit of converting on occasions but picked up a few interesting figures.

This one is based on Harold Lloyd the silent Movie star. Difficult to get hold of this figure as it was a give away at a wargames convention, Advice, Check ebay!

Penny Farthing from eureka miniatures

Base I sculpted myself.

harold 1harold 2Harold 3

Lotus7 Updated…..

Decided to add a driver to the Lotus 7….bit of a conversion job here, a head from Crooked dice and body from RAFM I think.

Lotus 1Lotus 2Lotus 3

Village People 2

These are from Crooked Dice Games, The Supervisor is a conversion I did of their No6 type Prisoner.

Will make a decal sheet with numbers for their badges shortly.

No 2

No 2

No 2

No 2





The Supervisor

The Supervisor……. “Orange Alert, Orange Alert”