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Its been a while!

Firstly, sorry it has been so long since i last posted, Life got incredibly busy from the moment the new year had begun.  When i had time i managed to do a bit of painting but never really found the time to sit down and blog about it.

My hobby interests seemed to be following that of my after school clubs at present, still trying to catch up with my own Meng World war Toon backlog, but at school we moved into other Genres. The main reason for this that either Meng or the wholesalers or both (!) put up their prices of the M4 Sherman kit we were using in the club for the children to paint and keep, and althought this is now inline with all their other kits prices it took it beyond reach of what we could ask the children to bring as subs for the club.

Whilst we still play the game with the tanks we collected, we no longer use them as the models for the kids to learn to assemble and paint. Nothing lasts for ever, but It was good while it lasted .  Games Workshop filled the gap, providing us with loads of models, paint and brushes for the kids to use. GW have their own initiative for schools,  it certainly helps bring the hobby to a younger audience, and we are really thankful for all the backup and support we get from them.

However, we try to get our groups to see that there is a lot of choice out there, so we rotate all the stuff we have collected together between groups, whislt one group is painting some space marines, another will be playing a table top game with some Perry Miniatures Knights, another will be battling with Daleks and Dr Who,  Spacemarine or age of sigmar game with some others,  another with world war toon tanks.

This year we have put in a lot of work to our summer and Winter school fayres, where we have a little club stall to raise money for the club so we can buy more game systems for them to try. This means, the headmaster and myself painting loads of stuff, usually our own figures, and some donated stuff.  Although its been a labour of Love, we have managed to raise enough funds to buy into two new box set board games…… the long out of production “Dreadfleet” by GW and the rather excellent “Star Wars Legion” by fantasy Flight Games  which we are currently painting. The following posts will attempt to catch up with everything that has happened since January 2018.

HeroQuest Commission Undead

AA mum 1

mum 1

Skel 1

AA Cs 1

Chaos figure i know, but painted as a ghost.

AAA ghost 1

same figure as above different lighting!!!

Vamp tomb

two versions of Tomb furniture, one in stone, one as a “dead” vampire lord


HeroQuest Commission Zombies

Went for a rotting green look on these, although very difficult to photograph!

AAA Zombie

AA Zom 1

HeroQuest Commission Gargoyles

These were slightly converted (new weapons) and painted to represent stone statues, but with magic swords.

AA Garg 1

AA garg 2


HeroQuest Commission Firmirs

AA Firm 1

Converted “Hero” Firmirs

AA Firm 2

Standard Firmir squad

HeroQuest Commission Goblins

AA Gob 1

Standard straight out of box Goblins

HeroQuest Commission Orcs

Been working on a Heroquest commission during the summer, half of which is now complete. Much more muted colours than on previous commissions, for a darker look.

Photos not that good sadly, having a lot of trouble with lighting! but they are any way!

Orcs are a mix of standard staright out of the box version in Black tunics, and 3 converted Orcs to act as heroes/characters. Their higher status meant slightly better and more colourful tunics.

AA orc 1

Standard orcs

AA orc 2

Converted orcs with shields and new weapons

AA orc 3

Comparison Shot.