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“Prepare your troops for a surface attack”

Some further battle shots taken with our recon drone cam (!)

More units deployed now that they have been painted up, Rebel units and rusty red speeder bikes  painted by Jez the headmaster. Luke and vader to come.

Other stormtroopers and winter AT-RT by my goodself.

rebels c

Rebel at rt a

rebels a

Rebels b

stormtroopers a

stormtroopers c

stormtroopers d

stormtroopers b

tatooine a

Just before the airstrike which brought down the Imperial Walker.

Speeder bikes guard the Flanks.

Fleet Troopers

Had time to paint some of the figures that I got for Christmas! Fleet Troopers. For me Fleet Troopers are pretty iconic as back in 1977 before i ever saw the movie, I came across Topps bubble gum cards in the local newsagent…the first images I saw were of Fleet troopers defending the corridor of the Tantive IV.

Tried out a new painting technique, its like learning to paint again from scratch, so its taking some time for me to adapt to, and will no doubt be a while before i get any good at it, but these aren’t too bad, quite pleased with the results so far.

Fleet troopers A

Fleet troopers B

Fleet troopers c

fleet troopers D

darth vader a

Vader chatting over the finer points of Brexit with Captain Antilles


Air Strike!

We decided that X wings and T.I.E fighters were so iconic that we just had to find a way of getting them into the game.  Clearly we couldn’t have dog fighting as the models would be in a close scale as we could find to the Legion figures (1/50 – 1/51). We could use them as terrain pieces in a base enviroment, but we wanted a combat role.

We purchased a couple of Revell kits

x wingtie fighter

We settled on an airstrike, where troop commander calls in an airstrike, the fighter makes one firing pass at a specified target and then flies off.   A quick chat with a mate Alex, who knows about these things cleared up a few issues we had with the rules. (thanks Al) It was decided that there should be a chance that once called upon the fighter may well not make it to the battlefield, this would simulate anti aircraft fire or interception en route. Included in the dice rolls was a means to either get a total lock on target or a partial lock, this could limit damage.  We trialled the rules in two battles. On one table the X wing targeted the AT-AT walker….the result was the destruction of the imperial walker.  On the other battlefield a Tie fighter was called in to deal with an A.T.T droid tank crewed by rebel forces, The Droid Tank somehow escaped unscathed……..we concluded that the rules were balanced enough so no need to tweak them.

Tie A

T.I.E Fighter/SF with added paint scratches and weathering

tie B

Tie 1

rebel Fleet Trooper for scale.

x wing 3

X wing 1

Poe’s X wing (T70) with added paint chips

X wing 2

In a Galaxy far, far away……..

The Resistance continues……….On Hoth the Empire attacks the Rebel’s “Echo Base”, breaching its defenses and blasting its installations.  The Rebels inflicted heavy casualties on the attacking forces, but it wasn’t enough.

bat 2

A Rebel Air Speeder banks away after blasting the AT-AT

Bat 2 d

The Rebels counter attack

Bat 2 e

like time…AT-AT’s march on…..into the rebel base with light damage.

Bat 2 f

Meanwhile on Tatooine……..

bat 2 g

The Rebels attack an Imperial outpost……

Bat 2 h

Bat 2 I

The Rebel manned A.A.T advances despite damage.

The Empire Strikes Back!


After school club has been running a few weeks now and i managed to find some time during combat to take some Photos! We started out slowly using just the figures from the core set and introduced more items like vehicles as the rule system became more familar. We were running two battles at same time, whilst another group paint up their Stormtroopers (pictures of those once they are finished).

The battles were taking place on Tatooine and Hoth since our Deepcut studios gaming mats represent both a desert environment as well as a Winter one .



On our third session The first 15 minutes or so was spent taking questions about all the ships and vehicles that had been introduced and where to buy them!! Again most of the group knew what the vehicles were, but were gobsmacked to see them on the table.

Combat on Hoth was interesting. The Rebels were firmly entrenched in their base and were not coming out, The attacking imperial stormtroopers spent more than half the battle hiding in the woods and refused to advance(!!!!!!) Their main mission was to take out the shield generator. (Corvus Games Terrain)

The main attacking units were the Speeder Bikes. Going to need to spend some time talking tactics with them on our next battle!

Things went a bit more smoothly on Tatooine…….





A Rebel AAT still in service after being captured during the Clone wars advances into battle past retreating Rebel Troopers on Tatooine.