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Sorry, it’s been too long!

Well, it’s been some time since I last had a chance to post, but i have been very busy painting and taking picures….all will be uploaded eventually.

I started to make a dent in my Fleet scale spaceships…..still have a huge amount to paintmainly squadrons of Fighters!

Finished my Romans v celts Battle scene and handed it over to the school….The kids (and teachers) love it! i start an after school club in a couple of weeks to paint……..Romans!

Completed the next batch of Space crusade….more coming!

Sprayed the body shells of of all my Imai Vehicles for “Attack on Andersonville” just awaiting Decals from Canada…….

Also been working on a project with some of my mates, “Malta 1565″….same mates had a piece published in April’s edition of  “Wargames illustrated”……”a funny thing hapened on the way to the forum” if you look really hard you’ll see some of my figures on the battlefield….although i wasn’t physically there….my soldiers were!

Another Mate, Grant has just uploaded a lot of interesting stuff on his new blog which you’ll find on my blog roll.

Now I must start the marathon task of uploading all my photo’s………





This is a great figure from Reaper Miniatures Socrates the famous Athenian Philosopher with his cup of hemlock!

Alexander the Great

This isn’t my best painting! but Pretty pleased with the figure. He is from Wargames foundry I modified his hand and replaced the spear with a sword.

He has the famous lion Helm and is of course, riding Bacephalus!!!


This is a pretty impressive figure from Bronze age miniatures he is big, 32mm scale which for a giant like Heracles is acceptabe to me within my 28mm Greek army!!!


Ancient Warships

Since I started collecting Roman and Greek figures again I quite liked the idea of an Ancient Warship….Mainly so My Marines would have somewhere to call home! I have always liked the shape and design of Biremes so decided to see if anyone actually made any in such a huge scale.

I was in Luck, by far and away the best ones out there are by Grand Manner

I have The Greek, “Jason’s Argo”

And the Roman Warship. 

 They are large heavy and very expensive but they are superior!

They are a Work in Progress at the moment, more soon, but for now here are some pictures………


Amazon Praetorians!!!!

These figures are for my daughters Fantasy Greek Army, and are from Shadowforge, a company from Australia.

This is Sparta!!!!

Being a bit of a fan of the Movie “300” I wanted some 28mm figures to represent Spartans in my Ancient Greek army, that looked like the those on the big screen.

I managed to to find both the Leonidas and his bodyguard. “Tales of war” make a very good Leonidas…he is scaled at 32mm but his pose means he can just about get away with standing next to the 28mm scaled Crocodile games Spartans.

Basing will be finished at a later date.


Welcome to my Blog.

Firstly I have to thank Mikeland for starting me out on my journey . He created the Banner/Header (which I’m very pleased with) and the frame work of this blog. It only remains for me to flesh out the bones with lots of Photo’s and chat……so stay tuned, it’s going to be an interesting ride!