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Fleet Scale Starbug

Having purchased the “Red Dwarf” some time ago for use as a mining ship in my game I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t get my hands on anything i could use as a “Starbug” of suitable size.

Luckily for me  Scouls502 over at

was able to sculpt a likeness for me…with seperate landing gear parts! I ordered 4 of the shuttles.  Here they are painted.

Fleet scale StarbugRed Dwarf and Starbug


Fleet Scale Ships/Starship Combat News

Late last year I joined an excellent forum called Starship Combat News

Lots of very interesting stuff for anyone who likes Sci fi ships. ….there is also a trading post/orbital shipyards section where you can get in touch with people who make their own ships to sell, one such person is Scouls502 you’ll need to join the forum to speak to him and all the other guys who make stuff.

I was able to pick up quite a few ships to fill the holes in my space fleets, Scouls502 also very kindly made me a little proxy for Starbug……pictures will follow!

Amazing detail on all his ships, and a nice guy to boot….highly recommended!


Battlemat And Table Come Out!

The other week I decided to get out my table and battlemat and place all the ships on it…..the main reason being, my brother was visiting and we were going to chat about the rules and see what we could come up with.

The rule writing went very well, although we did not complete this!

We did however get a chance to test our ship to ship combat, movement and boarding party  rules. It did take a few simulations to get this workable.

Still quite a bit to work on including. mining operations/resource gathering, Empire building, colonisation  etc. We have Playable races and ones managed largely by the drawing of a card! Rules on diplomacy and making alliances are also under consideration…this is going to be epic.

at the moment work is being done on tokens, stats cards for each ship and i intend to put some decals on the bases with basic ship info.

Not sure how soon the game will be playable but…..we are getting closer to that day!

Hotz mat

J.M.C. Mining Vessel

Well,  this ship is probably the most famous Mining Vessel in the history of Sci Fi and no Space ship collection would be complete without it…………………

RED DWARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This is one series I have all the episodes of….and what is more it returns with a new series in October I think) (well over due!)

Anyway, I needed a mining vessel for my game, I just had to have one of these! Made by corgi in 2004 (I think) maybe getting scarce now……..obviously if it was in scale with most of my fleet (1/7000) it would be about 30 inches long so this is one ship i don’t mind having out of scale… looks the part as it is a fairly large ship.

I needed to touch up the paint work a bit,  basically just dry brushed to dirty it up a bit more but it is largely as it is straight out of the box.

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf

Size comparison with the Liberator!!!