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Romans on the BBC UPDATED 30th July 2015

Updated 30th July.

Well, my apologies for anyone that wasted an hour of their lives watching that drivel.

The segment that the BBC used my model in was the Time line on the beach at Mary port.

If you missed it, the battle scene was on the third plinth, pretty pointless filming it from 200 yards away, but then the Director clearly is an expert in his field.

Might as well have been a plate of baked beans on toast to be honest. I would imagine the 300+ kids at my wifes school, who’s model it now is will be utterly mortified having waited a year to see it on TV.  The thing that really bothers me about it is the amount of Tax payers money utterly wasted shipping this out to them via insured courior shipping it back and the cost of a replacement display case which was damaged in the process, all for utterly nothing.

Sadly given that the sequence was in fact meant to be a time line it was utterly shambolicly done, they didn’t even do a great job of filming the Roman armour someone had lent them either which should have got vastly more air time than it did. The director clearly felt it was worth focussing in on a blow up of a print at the end of the time which wasn’t even Roman. Given how badly the sequence was cut, they might as well have removed the entire segment.

We live and we learn, another mistake i won’t make again.

Original Post

The BBC have been in touch to say that my model of the Roman Battle scene they used in filming will be shown shortly.

“Coast” series 10, starts it run on Thursday 9th July 2015 at 9pm on BBC2

I believe the model features in episode 4 “The Irish Sea” on Thursday the 30th July at 8pm BBC 2.

This is what to look out for!



Roman Battle scene at the BBC !!!!

During the summer I recieved an email from Dan a researcher for the BBC programme “Coast”. They wanted to use my model of the Romans Vs Celts Battle scene for a segment in one of their shows (series 10) , I believe, at Maryport in Cumbria, to illustrate a time line.

The model wasn’t actually mine as it was donated to my wife’s school, so had to ask them first, they were of course very happy to loan it out.

So I packed it up, very carefully and sent it on it’s way. Inevitably there was some risk attached, models are delicate things, after being away a couple of weeks filming and clearly having some adventures the model did return with some battle damage!

Dan and the BBC were very gracious about putting it right and replaced the damaged dust case lid…..and I fixed up any breakages to the figures. It was completely restored to it’s original condition and is now back at school being used again to help the children learn about Celts and Romans.

Series 10 of “Coast” is not due to be broadcast until sometime in 2015…when I have a date I will let you know!

It may only be for a fleeting glimpse but everyone at the school and myself included, are quite excited to see it!

As a sideline to this story it may be worth pointing out the Centurion leading the Roman wedge formation in this picture…….

Carvel's Centurion

Carvel’s Centurion

……was donated to me by my friend Carvel, for use in this diorama. However, the actual figure he sent is kind of famous already as it had been photographed and published in Wargames Illustrated ( issue 306 top of page 86)…….the figure gets to be seen by a great deal of people/children while on dispaly at school, on this blog and now he is going to be on TV……(I hope fame won’t go to his white metal head or I’ll have to get him an agent!) he might possibly be the most viewed 28mm Roman Centurion ever made?

So I guess more positive Karma at work!

To round off here are a few shots of the boxed battle scene I neglected to post last time round.

Case 1Case 2








Karma at Work

Been meaning to do this since before Christmas but time has been short….
Late last year I had an enquiry from someone who came across this Blog and really liked some of my shield Decals on my Romans and asked me where I got them, as he was keen to put them on his Roman troops.
I made them myself…..and luckily for him I had some left and a lot of others he might have been interested in. I couldn’t really charge him for them as sometimes the decals don’t always work too well….it’s hit and miss.
I decided that I’d send them out to him if he paid postage…(he lived in USA) which he did.
When the decals  arrived I got a very nice email thanking me and asking if I might find a use for an Army Of Romans, Trojans and Carthaginians he had in 1/72 scale that he (Steve) no longer required. He’d been reading about my Roman battlefield that I did for a school and wondered if they would be any use for them.
Well yes, they certainly would!!!!
The Army arrived see below. When the children next do  Romans as a topic, which will be later this year I will take them in.
Not quite sure what we will do with them, but very likely let the kids paint them and decide…perhaps make them into a game…or maybe another battle scene which they can produce as a group activity….I’m sure they will want to make a lot of buildings to scale too!!!
Whatever they get used for the children will be extremely happy to have them.
Books are great, but seeing something in 3d is better, it really fires up their imaginations!!!
So here it is the point.  No money was exchanged, bothsides feeling extremely good about themselves and the by product of the exchange is that another generation will get to be creative and learn something that they might not normally have done…some of those may well go on to do some more hobby, but it is very unlikely any of them will ever forget what they saw and what they learned from it.
Positive Karma at work….that’s such a great leap forward from Bitching on forums and being negative all the time isn’t it????
When I sent Steve the decals, I had no idea he would send me a load of figures….he probably didn’t realise he would!!!
If all you do is go about being negative and moaning that is really all that you can expect to receive in return.
So remember, next time you are on a forum reach out, share the love, the positive effects are enormous, you have no idea where they may lead.
Box of Romans

Box full of Romans, Celts and Carthaginians

Sorry, it’s been too long!

Well, it’s been some time since I last had a chance to post, but i have been very busy painting and taking picures….all will be uploaded eventually.

I started to make a dent in my Fleet scale spaceships…..still have a huge amount to paintmainly squadrons of Fighters!

Finished my Romans v celts Battle scene and handed it over to the school….The kids (and teachers) love it! i start an after school club in a couple of weeks to paint……..Romans!

Completed the next batch of Space crusade….more coming!

Sprayed the body shells of of all my Imai Vehicles for “Attack on Andersonville” just awaiting Decals from Canada…….

Also been working on a project with some of my mates, “Malta 1565″….same mates had a piece published in April’s edition of  “Wargames illustrated”……”a funny thing hapened on the way to the forum” if you look really hard you’ll see some of my figures on the battlefield….although i wasn’t physically there….my soldiers were!

Another Mate, Grant has just uploaded a lot of interesting stuff on his new blog which you’ll find on my blog roll.

Now I must start the marathon task of uploading all my photo’s………




Roman Battle Scene…..Grave Updated!

The battle scene has been finished for a couple of weeks, and the wait continues for the perspex box to be delivered…it can’t go into school until safely contained within!!

I have been pondering running an after school model making and painting club…so decided to put out an SOS on a forum for any unwanted Roman and celtic figures. The response was great with several members Mikeland, Clivethecelt, Stuart and Carvel2 all sending me either parts, romans or celts.

Carvel2 send me some amphora and pots from the excellent Baueda

who have some very interesting accessories for the Roman/ancient  period (I will eventually get round to ordering their Legionary tent and the roman  worship/altar scene) Well worth checking out to add a bit more detail to your Roman or Greek armies.

All the Romans and celts will be taken into school and used for the children to assemble and paint.

I placed one of the Baueda pots in the grave scene,  I also changed the shield and added a dagger to make it a little more realistic. The pot works superbly well in there, Sadly, there was no room for the Amphora…i didn’t make the Grave big enough for the wine vessel so he will have to go into the afterlife without a drink in his hand!

Baueda potwarlord games Celt

Roman V Celts Battle Scene

I said I would do this for my Wife’s School as a resource for the Roman Topic for year 3’s……….it took 5 weeks and I’m quite pleased by the end result! It will go in Perspex box for protection, and I’m hoping the 3d nature of this will take them beyond the pages of any book!

28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts28mm Romans and Celts 28mm Romans and Celts

Roman Battlescene

I promised I would make a Roman V Celts Battlescene for my wifes School to Help Year 3 Children with their Roman Topic. However this was brought Forward by 4 months so I’m having to get on with it.

I Decided that the scene would depict a much scaled down “Battle of Watling Street” and Boudicca would be amongst the Celts.

I have managed to assemble all the parts I need and so far we only have Boudicca and the Roman forces complete….Celts will be up next!

Here are the Romans with a few shots of the completed Boudicca.

The figures are  modified in some cases….they are legionaries but have the shields from the Veteren set as they are nicely battle damaged.

Sch Rom 2 Sch Rom 3 Sch Rom 4 Sch Rom 6 Sch Rom 7Sch Rom 5Sch Rom 8 Sch Rom 9

Roman Legionary Veterans

Using Roman Veteran box as a starting point I swapped shields for the slightly larger Wargames foundry types in metal….modified some of the posses added a few spare figures left over from my Scorpio ballista crew…Shield blazon decals are my own.

Roman Legionary Veterans

Roman Legionary Veterans

Roman Legionary Veterans

Roman Legionary Veterans

Roman Legionary Veterans

Roman Legionary Veterans

Legio IIII Flavia Felix

Standard Roman Legionaries  with metal command figures.

Resin Testudo

I made the Shield decals to reflect my choice of Legion….last two pictures are standard  Shield decals

Roman Legionaries

Roman Legionaries

various other legion options I have made.

Roman Eagle

Roman Eagle



Roman Auxiliary Archers Eastern and Converted Western

Both types of Archer…..first  Eastern Archers,

Eastern Archer

Eastern Archer

As for Western archers I needed more than 8 but couldn’t really afford to buy  metal ones so decided to try and convert  plastic Auxiliaries with bows from a variety of sources..I then strung them with invisible thread.

I think they turned out quite well…..interesting posses.

Roman western Archer

Roman western Archer

Roman western Archer

Roman western Archer