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Borg Cube

This is one time i took a hit on the scale issue! A 1/7000 scale borg Cube might actually be the size of my house so went for this model from Furuta.

I assembled it (not hard!) and gave it a completely new paint job

Here it is in combat with the Defiant

Borg Cube


USS Defiant

This is a little Gem of a model 1/7000 scale is small and i couldn’t really do much detailing on this. it took a long time to find someone that made a likeness in the correct scale but eventually found it on shapeways here.

It is printed in clear plastic, detail is superb, smooth and none of the texture normally associated with the basic material (white strong flexible)

USS Defiant

With Ambassador Class

USS Defiant

With the Liberator

USS Defiant

With a greater Foe!

USS Defiant Borg


Ambassador Class

This Ambassador Class Star Ship is simply amazing in it’s detail

in 1/7000 scale and from Shapeways it is a likeness of, not an exact copy , but I really think this is one of the best Star ships available from that site. A pleasure to paint…one of my new favourites!

Ambassador Class

Ambassador Class

With a tiny 1/7000 scale Defiant!

Ambassador Class

With the liberator

Ambassador Class



USS Excelsior…..Heroclix repaint!

This fits in nicely with 1/7000 scale and is one of  a handful of ships that does, Can’t say i liked the paint job when it arrived, could have had more detailed so decided to repaint it and ty and keep the decals! So quite a useful ship from Heroclix for me.

This isn’t an exact reproduction of the paint job but it is more in the style of !!

but I like it and that is all that counts!

USS Excelsior

USS Excelsior




Miranda Class

1/7000 scale Miranda Class Name and registry undecided…but very likely USS Reliant.

Miranda Class

a Comparison for size with Liberator

Mirander Class with Liberator

Destroyer/scout Class Ship

Here is a destroyer/scout Class style  Ship from Shapeways in 1/7000 scale.

Haven’t decide on a name number as yet.

Destroyer/scout Class

NX01 Enterprise

Can’t say I was a huge fan of this TV series….watched it a couple of times but thought the design of the ships was fine. Having owned a larger scale version in resin it had to be replaced……here is one  interpretation in 1/7000 scale from Shapeways.




1/7000 scale Trek

Being a big fan of the Star Trek universe it was just a question of time before I started collecting these ships. I had 7 versions of the enterprise in 1/2500 scale but these were to big to game with, and i hadn’t got round to finishing them off……getting rid of them was a wrench…but I knew that i could replace them all in a more suitable size…so it wasn’t so bad.

Scale can be an issue for many reasons, mixing scales is often something difficult to swallow for those of us who are a little OCD about such things! But hey, we don’t live in a perfect universe! The way i get round such dilemmas is allow for slight differences amongst ships, but if something is well out of scale there maybe options to convert it to represent a larger Vessel, or just keep the scales seperate…which is what I’m going to do with your Constitution class Al!!!!! I think I can stretch to a mini game of T.O.S. at some point…..the detail is better at 1/3000 ish!!!

Space stations are another problem.  Some would be so large that they wouldn’t fit easily on the table, so i treat them as i do the planet scenery…..accept that they have to be smaller!

So armed with this convenient get out clause, it allowed me to pick up a few things like Space Stations, and Borg Cubes! I have been able to plunder from ranges i would normally have to disregard, like micro machines, Furta, Heroclix etc. Some ships are actually in scale, or at least very close,  so that is a good way to bulk out a fleet….and save painting and applying decals, but in the main I use 1/7000 scale vessels from Shapeways and fit everything around that.

So in the coming post’s expect some interesting ships!



Terran Federation Destroyers, Bulking out the Fleet

Given that The Terran Federation seem to be limited to Pursuit Ships in the TV series (although they mention other types) I decided that I needed to bulk out their Fleet if they were to stand any chance in battle against anyone other than the Liberator!

I didn’t want 40 of the same ship so decided to see if there was anything out there that might fit the bill. One of My friends who is a regular contributor on here and Warlord games Forum (where i occassionally hang out) Where he is known as BigAl, suggested several sites one of which was GZG Having had a long browse the Islamic Federation Fleet looked a possibility…so when a set of 4 Destroyers came up on ebay I jumped at the chance to pick up some ships for a bargain price!

The only problem I had was mixing the right shade of “Panzer Primer” to match the Pursuit ships….I think i got away with it.

They certainly don’t look out of place amongst The Pursuit ships. There is a kind of basic design that is common to both, so it isn’t a great leap of faith to think that the destroyers are part of the Fleet……But if they are painted the same and hang out with Servalan, then hey…..they are federation!!!!

Federation Destroyer

Federation Destroyer

Terran Federation Fleet


Servelan’s ‘Pursuit 4’ Command Ship


Right that’s enough of that!………….. She was the Evil leader of the Terran Federation.  Realizing that She had her own ship meant another visit to Shapeways…… So when I purchased the Scorpio I also picked up an additional Pursuit ship to paint up as her vessel.

Now seeing as normally Pursuit ships are a rusty brown colour I would assume that The Federation Ship yards gave them a lick of a Panzer like Primer and sent them on their merry way (In reality there is no corrosion or dirt or weathering in space…..apparently!) For reasons unknown Servalan’s Ship got a top coat of White paint….maybe being leader that is a perk of the job, either way it made my job a bit easier….. I didn’t do any conversions just painted it, once I get the episode on DVD I will use it as a reference source and see if the ship is modified in any way.

Servalan's pursuit 4