Number Six…..”The Prisoner”

“The Prisoner”  with the late, great Patrick McGoohan in the lead role of no.6 is one of my favourite TV shows.

Some years back I purchased the DVD box set and it came with a free 1/43 model of the Lotus 7 used by no.6 in the opening sequence. So when I saw that Crooked Dice had a lookey likey in their rogues gallery of figures I had to get him!

He is as near as you can get in terms of scale to the car, and certainly…in my opinion, really looks like him! I think from now on he will live in the little box with dust cover, the Lotus is displayed in.

It took longer to paint his number six badge a jacket piping than it did the rest of the figure…but I think he came out very well in the end.


7 responses to “Number Six…..”The Prisoner”

  • 1bigal

    Number 6 looks superb! You’ve done a great job on the number and the piping looks excellent. You’re a jammy beggar getting that Lotus too!

  • slotkarman

    Thanks Al, much appreciated. yes the Lotus, couldn’t really have planned for it…Both are enhanced by the other now! i guess the lotus 7 is available in 1/43 scale in classic Green/yellow paint scheme, just might need a number plate change!

  • grantdyck

    Just found this – nice!

  • grantdyck

    Still like this. And need to find a Lotus 🙂

    • slotkarman

      Thanks Grant, I think the answer is to get number plate made! could likely print it out yourself! I’m sure the car is available in 1/43 in yellow and green…I used to have a kit car called a Dutton was quite similar to the lotus to the eye….it was race tuned…made of fibre glass and had a 1.6lt Ford engine… was so fast..weighed about as much as a packet of crisps! hahahaha…not great in the rain though! Great fun to drive, unless you hit anything of course.

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