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Space Marines in Yellow!

Have been working hard on Space marines…..currently working on Blue Ultramarines…I finished these Yellow ones a few days ago but had to wait to photograph them.

Quite pleased how they turned out….despite the fact I’m not keen on yellow!

Space crusade Space marinesSpace crusade Space marinesSpace crusade Space marinesSpace crusade Space marinesSpace crusade Space marinesSpace crusade Space marines

Death Star Comparison

I have had a few emails asking me to show a comparison shot of the two versions of the Death Star from De Agostini magazine series. The Mk 1 and Mk 2

So here it is… the irony is the Mk1 is slightly bigger than the Mk2 version!!! but for me it doesn’t really matter as I intend to use them in my game as one death star, one under construction and then the other when building is complete.

The Ultra rare Mk1 version is pretty well done it has to be said.

Star Wars Death starStar Wars Death star



A Battlestar….

This Original Series Battlestar is from Ravenstar and is made from resin.

Battlestar Galactica

I also Purchased the Ravenstar Mk1 Vipers…but i have to say was a bit disappointed by these, they were cast onto a resin hex base in threes and sixes and were missing various parts like tail fins. I prefer my fighters to be mounted onflight stands in threes….and cast individually so won’t be using the Resin ones. It has to be said the Battlestar is Superb!

I replaced the Vipers with the rather fantastic Bergstrom fleet scale fighters which are cast in metal.

I now have a token Colonial fleet!

Colonial FleetColonial Viper mk1Bergstrom advanced Viper

Battlemat And Table Come Out!

The other week I decided to get out my table and battlemat and place all the ships on it…..the main reason being, my brother was visiting and we were going to chat about the rules and see what we could come up with.

The rule writing went very well, although we did not complete this!

We did however get a chance to test our ship to ship combat, movement and boarding party  rules. It did take a few simulations to get this workable.

Still quite a bit to work on including. mining operations/resource gathering, Empire building, colonisation¬† etc. We have Playable races and ones managed largely by the drawing of a card! Rules on diplomacy and making alliances are also under consideration…this is going to be epic.

at the moment work is being done on tokens, stats cards for each ship and i intend to put some decals on the bases with basic ship info.

Not sure how soon the game will be playable but…..we are getting closer to that day!

Hotz mat

Death Star

Now this is quite difficult to get hold of…once again from the de agostini magazine, this¬† one was a free gift when subscribing I believe. This version is the Death Star Mk1 (the other version they produced was Death Star mk2 with it’s incomplete superstructure, also in my collection) and vastly superior in surface detail and sculpting to the other version.

I have not added any paint to this but have re based it.

Death Star

“Invisible Hand” Trade Federation Capital Ship

yet another from De agostini, a wash and dry brush to bring out the detail.

Fighters for this are also on the way…………..Hopefully! more on that when they get here.

Trade federation invisible hand



Rupublic Cruiser

This another model from the de agostini magazine vehicle collection.

added a wash and some dry brushing.

Republic Cruiser