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Through the keyhole

Life is certainly a “Gas” for this sinister soul.

The Undertaker, who appears in the opening title sequence of most episodes of “The Prisoner” follows our hero back to his London home and neutralises him via a sleeping gas pumped in through the key hole.

This figure is from Wargames Foundry and is from their fantastic wildwest range which has a lot of useful figures for a prisoner style village…with some conversions of course.

Undertaker 4BBBUndertaker 5bbUndertaker 6bUndertaker 3bb

New bases

I find myself being a little like George Lucas….can’t stop tinkering!!!

…and that’s no bad thing. I was quite unhappy about my village figures all having different bases, so i sculpted a section of cobbled path based on the design i had used for my Rovers and Penny farthings, made a mold…banged out a load in resin, and then set about removing all the figures from their existing bases.  A big job but it had to be done.

These look a great deal better now and all fit in nicely with the larger bases.

Group shot 1group shot 2group shot 3no6 new 2

“Lovely Day”……”Showers Later”

A common refrain in the village!   The Prisoner is full of Iconic style, and one of the simple touches that gave it that style was the humble golfing umbrella. If you are going to have some figures representing the villagers some of them have to have umbrellas.

it’s a great deal harder to make a brolly than it looks, this was my 6th attempt to get it right. I repeated my formula and made a few others. One was turned into master model and is now in a mold, so they can be replicated easily in resin. I intend to have a few Villagers with brollies in a number of colours.

This Villager is one of the maintenance guys ( figure is from Artizan thrilling tales range)

brollyman 0

brollyman 1Brollyman 6Brollyman 4