In a Galaxy far, far Away…………..

My ever expanding fleet of sci fi movie craft took on board the Iconic Star Destroyer from Studio Bergstrom (I can’t speak highly enough of the service and products at this online store, delivery from the states was lightening fast, communication was instant!! The pictures on Andrew’s site sometimes don’t do enough justice to the models themselves….which are extremely detailed given their really small size. Obviously someone has attempted a paint job on some fleet scale fighters and makro setting on camera can be cruel. I have yet to photograph my fighters..but i know the paint job won’t be too good, as once you start going beyond a casual dry brush you are in trouble!!! (my fighters are incredibly detailed, more on those shortly)

But here is Bergstrom’s take on a fleet scale Star destroyer..which i just had to have…now I’m sure it isn’t 1/7000 scale which is my kind of bench mark…but if it was it would likely be too big for my battle mat playing area!!! so really big ships are fine in a smaller scale!

This Imperial ship has a hull cast in resin and a bridge in pewter (I think)

I just need to get a Fighter wing for it now!

Imperial Star Destroyer

Imperial Star Destroyer fleet scale

Along side a Federation Pursuit Ship for size…although not equally scaled!


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