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USS Reliant

Another Scouls502 ships

SR Fed Reli 1

Federation Olympic Class

All flleets need a Hospital ship! here is another from Scouls502

SR Fed  Olymp 1

Nova class

A little Nova class style ship from Scouls502

SR Nov 1SR Nov 2

Federation Tug!

This is a little white metal federation ship from Scouls502 that I will be using as a tug alongside the ship yard.

SR Fed Tug 1

SR Fed Tug 2

Andorian Cruisers

These a very nicely detailed little ships from Scouls502 from Star Ranger Forum.

SR And 1

SR And 2


Klingon Reinforcements

More of Scouls502 ships from star ranger forum, this time Klingon vessels!

Again lovely detail!

K'Vort Class

K’Vort Class

K'tinga Class

K’tinga Class

B'rel Class BOP

B’rel Class BOP

SR Kling 4


Romulan Birds Of Prey (TOS )

These are fantastic little models again of white metal with incredible detail on the underside.

These are also (like the other small mnetal ships) from Scouls502 on the Star Ranger Forum.

SR Rom1

SR Rom 3b