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Rebel Alliance gets a new ship!

Another of my friends gifts…not an official ship from The “wars universe” but I will putĀ  it with the rebel alliance forces as they need all the ships they can get their hands on!!! it’s going to be a frigate.

I need to paint in the stand!

Imp 8 B

Imperial Reinforcements

Just repainted 2 small ships that were given to me by a friend, They are very detailed ships.

I thought they would fit in nicely as Escort ships for The Imperial Fleet. i also managed to finish my Berstrom Imperial Interdictor Cruiser.

Imp 3 BImp 5 B


Another word about bases!

I have been busy making decal/transfers for all my fleet scale ships.

So far I have applied them to all Federation ships, I have a sheet for both Klingon and Romulan ships, including names and ship types, the aim being it makes it easier for players to keep track during a game.

I used as many “official” names and registry numbers as I could, bit it is also quite interesting to dream up new ones with numbers to match!


All fleets will eventually covered. however it is not without problems, the chemicals that make the decal confirm to the odd shape of the base is causing the ink to run on occasion, even though the decal has been sealed with the correct solution! I’m going to try a clear polythene spray next.

Gob fed bas

gob fed bas 2

Gob Kling bas

Gob Rom Bas 1

Gob rom bas 2

Federation Runabouts

Again had these for a couple of years, and again from Scouls502 over at Star ranger, like the peregrines, very lovely little models nicely detaied.

They have been assigned to DS9 along with USS Defiant!

USS Rio Grande, USS Nile, USS Danube and USS Rhine


Runabouts 1

Peregrine Fighters based and painted

Had these models for a couple of years but decided to get them fiished this week.

From Scouls502 at star ranger forum

In 8 wings of 3 they are assigned to USS Thunderchild…I think I need a few more!

Fighters 1

Fighters 2

UPDATED Federation Orbital Ship Yards….with warp drive W.I.P!!!

Shipyard 1

Been meaning to make one of these for My Game/Federation Fleet for a long time. I kit bashed lots of bits from the spares box.

These included parts from MPC Space 1999 Moonbase kit, 1/72 russian armoured car mounted rocket system, Heroclix Nebula class spaceship.

I thought it might be useful to have the Orbital ship/repair yard/facility warp cabable so fitted it with some nacelles from a nebula class also used the Pod!!! Pretty imressed with it so far and it is also quite big having enough room for a Galaxy class ship from Furuta!!

I’m going to have to think up some rules for it now!!

At the moment it has been sprayed with primer paint…over the coming days I will detail it, add a base/stand …pictures when I have got a bit further!

Crew section/Warp Nacelles/Bridge/sensor Pod

Crew section/Warp Nacelles/Bridge/sensor Pod

Shipyard 3

Shipyard 4

Heroclix Galaxy Class inside!

Heroclix Galaxy Class inside!






HR 1 Z

Repair Support ships USS Proton and USS Rigel

Repair Support ships
USS Proton and USS Rigel

Sovereign Class Starships

Sovereign Class with USS Defiant

Sovereign Class
with USS Defiant

I now have a fair numberĀ  Sovereign Class Starships in 1/7000 scale, pretty pleased how the paint job turned out on them given their size it isn’t really possible to add names and registry numbers to the saucer sections so have decided to create a decal for each base giving name number and class to all my ships.

Although I have used “Official” names and registry numbers for a lot of the ships, it was quite interesting to invent my own. I will no doubt make a list of these at some point!!!!

This class of ship serves as a Dreadnought in my fleet (for use with my own rule system)

As for paint job, I sprayed them withprimer paint (light grey) then gave them a black wash. When dry I used same shade of grey dry brushed over the black wash then used a lighter shade of grey over that, dry brushing again. Once that was finished I painted in the wark nacelles, then used a wash of same colour over the top. Deflector dish was a blob of gold.

Very effective way of grabing the detail of all the windows etc!

Sovereign Class ships

Sovereign Class ships

Sovereign Class

Sovereign Class