Space Pirates off the Starboard Bow!!!!

Clearly no Sci fi collection would be complete without this ship….I have a few in various scales but wanted one in fleet scale so i could fit into my Game!

Again this little gem came from Bergstrom The detail is quite amazing given the size..I don’t think i have done it justice….but it ws the best i could do!

Just about got it in focus, which isn’t easy!

Millennium Falcon Fleet Scale

Millennium Falcon Fleet Scale

For an idea of Size…here it is alongside the Liberator..the Liberator is 50mm long so I’m guessing the Falcon should be a bit smaller if it was to be 1/7000 scale..but this is close enough for my game. it is more likely in scale with bergstroms fleet scale fighters……some of which will be next!!!


One response to “Space Pirates off the Starboard Bow!!!!

  • 1bigal

    Like most people, I have always had a soft spot for the Falcon, but for me, this model is a bit too small. GZG used to do one a little bigger, but it is no longer on their site.

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