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Not yet Finished, but Spectrum Decal added

Imai Spectrum MSV

Spectrum Pursuit Vehicles, Decals and some Paint!!

Same story as The SHADO Mobiles here waiting on some decals from JBot

before i could progress….but having applied them and weathered the hulls a bit I’m pretty pleased with how they are turning out.

One thing I’m truly impressed with is the Gold S of Spectrum on the JBot decals…it is very…..Gold!!! unlike the originals that came with the kit which were Orange/ Brown…luckily I was able to utilise these old sheets for my knocked out versions!…so they did come in handy.


Still a lot more to do with these Vehicles, which will have to wait for later in year, too many other projects are ahead of them!!!!

Imai SPV JBot DecalsImai SPV JBot DecalSPV Knocked out/Battle damage


S.H.A.D.O. Mobiles Decals and a bit of Paint!!!

Work had stalled while I waited for the Decals………… The big problem with the Original Decals were one, they were old and yellowed by time…and two very limited in their scope for other vehicles other than S.H.A.D.O Mobile 3 !!!

To the rescue came a company called JBot out of Canada…Jim who runs it has a nice range of decals for most of the sci fi range from Imai and much more….the sheet is pretty extensive being very well researched….well worth a pop if you find yourself with one of these kits…. or in fact any of the others!

Check out his site at the link above.

I really wanted to explore the fact that an organisation as big as S.H.DA.D.O. had more than four Mobiles so Mine are number 6 and of course had to have the command vehicle too!!!!! Also that given a few more years on from the setting in 1980 that their weapon systems would have evolved into something a bit more potent!


Still A lot of work to be done but they are starting to take shape quite nicely….I hope they inspire you to do something similar!!!

Let me know what you think.

Imai Shado MobileImai Shado Mobile


New Blogs Added

Not been able to spend too much time here lately……but i have lots of things to post so will be uploading a lot of stuff in the next few weeks.

in the meantime here are a couple of new links on my Blog roll.

Firstly my friend Mike (who built this site) has his own Blog ow, you’ll find it on the blog Roll or if you are reading this click here

Mike’s site is about 28mm E.C.W. figures for a fictional regt he is creating based around warlord games figures, all are converted in some way, and there is even a rather fantastic Graphic novellette for you to enjoy, drawn and written by Mike himself!! well worth a click!!!!

A superb twist on the normal “build it straight out of the box”!

So if  E.C.W. is your thing there’s plenty of inspiration to get your teeth into.


Secondly….this next site was pointed out by one of my other friends today who found it somewhere in the ether…….The one thing that my little group of hobby buddies has in common is our love of Monty Python, especially the Movies…and if you’re a fan, I think you’ll like this! Monty Pythons Holy Grail in 28mm Warhammer!

Just fantastic! what a great idea!