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HeroQuest Commissions

My complete record of heroquest commissions are now uploaded.

You’ll find lots of conversions as well as standard figures amongst these entries.



Common Orcs!

These were left pretty much as they came, which helped visually as the Black orcs were based on the same figure.

Black Orcs

As you can see from the first couple of Photo’s I had to vary the skin tone in order for these modified Orcs to look like they could be Black Orcs and stand out from the Common Orc on the Board.

A change of weapon and a metal Shield were added to complete the look.




Just the one set of these……



Warriors Of Chaos

These took quite a bit of¬† work using mainly¬†parts from the last generation of warhammer chaos warriors, dark Elves…..and heroquest Orcs…..but i think they work well.


Variations on Firmirs


Not much option to Convert here but a little variation in painting.