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T34 company 1

I have been very busy for the past couple of weeks churning out the new models, some of which we bought and some of which were very kindly donated by World war toons, studio roqovan’s James Chung (thank you kindly for that sir)

These tanks will all be used for our group tank game and will join the other 8 shermans and 4 Tigers and will add some nice variation once they have been to the paint shop! They will get a lot of action as they will be used every week. One thing we do like about these models is that they are quite tough and stand up to the rigours of play very well.

meng Panzer III company

Heavies 1

Whizz Bang!

oh my 3

Not quite a ballistic missile, so I’m hoping the U.N. won’t use sanctions against me, but spent a few hours over weekend making some “Toon” m8 rockets for the Calliope tubes!

They have more in common with the rocket used on the Sturm tiger than an M8 and I didn’t bother with any fins.  these are basically just to use as counters really so we can keep track of how many have been fired in the game, and also to fill up the empty launch tubes.  I had some 10mm dowel cut offs which i cut down further to 2.5cms, then used some miliput to sculpt the warhead and added paint. Pretty basic but they do the job.

A side effect of the fully loaded launch tubes is that you need to add some blu tak to the hull to weigh it down…..and avoid any hills and uneven terrain on the battlefield……..perhaps it would be wise to glue down the Sherman onto its own base, which i may well do at some point.

The Hulk….

Hulk 1

No, not that one, a rusted, knocked out Sherman.  Even on table top games there can be some attrition, bits get broken from time to time, this Sherman had some of its drive wheels and idlers broken and it was getting difficult to fix them and enable them still to spin round, so we decided to replace the Tank with a new Sherman and use the old broken one as a piece of scenery or objective marker.

I used a heated up drill bit to poke through some shell holes, clearly the Tigers have been busy on this one;)

This is a work in progress, the lighting on this photo hasn’t really picked out the different shades of rust there are at least 5 shades, from dark red through orange and up to yellow and a brown wash!

I’m going to use the salt technique for the next stage, there are plenty of youtube videos of how to do this, but basically you use an atomiser, in this case an old nose spray bottle filled with water to wet the model, then poor over various grades of rock salt, table salt, baking soda, then leave to dry.  At this stage you might want to add more salt, or even remove some from various areas. This Model is now drying after being covered in a salt mix and is awaiting the top coat of Olive Drab.

Once this is done all the salt is rubbed off and you are left with a pretty rusty and massively damaged paint job! Once salt is removed I will spray a layer of Model mates rust ink over it then wipe….Photos when we get to that stage!

hulk 2

Lions and Tigers and Bears……….

Oh my 1

I have also finished the Retrokit conversion kit  For the Sherman Calliope Rocket launcher. This is sure to get an “oh wow” at after school club!  This is a stand out upgrade for the standard WWT Sherman kit, its quite eye catching when along side the basic model. I decided to pad out the Hull front with some Blu Tak to weight it down as i thought the Rocket launcher might unbalance the tank a bit, this worked perfectly.  I’m thinking about scratch building a rocket or two to add to the launch tubes.

Very impressed with this kit, Domi has done a fantastic job of this. Again all parts nice and crisp no air bubbles. One of the support struts was a little warped, but this was easily rectified after placing briefly in near boiling water to soften it up a bit, then the arm/strut was gently reshaped.  You’ll need a hack saw and a file to remove parts from sprue, but it really isn’t a lot of work and the parts are very easy to cut and file through, though be sure to wear a dust mask while doing this. The parts were then super glued in place before painting.

I have just ordered a couple of the new turrets from retrokits so that will be the next job on the work bench!

Oh My 2


Extreme Makeover

Fury refit 4B

Just before Christmas I received a package from Domi over at RetroKit  it contained a couple of new conversion kits for the world war toon Sherman models.  A little later than planned here is the Sherman M4A3 hull which i used to convert “Fury”.   The movie version didn’t have the cast rounded hull, so thought i might make it a little more accurate……..fingers crossed for some HVSS suspension units to finish off the job;)

Now for a tiny review of the conversion kit.

Have to say the casting and detail is very crisp, no air bubbles present. Very accurate fit to the hull of the wwt tank. You will need to spend a little time removing the component parts from the resin sprue, which in this case is the old school kind of block, i used a hack saw and a file to do this, the resin is not hard and brittle like some, so it was not too difficult to do this.  I then added all the detail parts for the hull from a WWT Sherman kit using super glue. i then primed the resin before painting.  I have to say I’m very pleased with the result……….there are now even more conversion kits for the WWT range, so head over there and check them out.

Fury refit 1

Fury refit 2

Fury refit 3