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Bought some Tufts on ebay and they arrived yesterday.

Have to say very impressed with the quality, size and number of the tufts, plus they were very well packed and post free in UK!

I would certainly recommend these.


ModelMates Weathering Sprays “RUSTY RED”

rusty red 2B

When I come across something that is really good I like to share it with you!

So, a while back I was working on two SPV body shells that I was going to use as Knocked out Hulks. (having been hit by Daleks beam weapons.)

I used the rock salt method…..and was pretty pleased with the results but it still lacked a bit of something.

Spectrum Patrol vehicle SPV

There was can of Modelmates Rusty Red weathering spray in my local hobby store, (sadly the shop doesn’t have much of a range of these excellent products).. I’d heard of these sprays a while back and always wanted to give it a try so, (modelmates have quite a big range of items on offer)  I bought one and took it home.

My SPV’s would make a good test….

I would recommend doing all your normally painting, highlighting etc first. …and as the spray works best on a lighter colour base coat.

The spray is dye rather than paint and water soluble. The idea being you spray then wipe with a cloth to get desired results…I did this at first but it wasn’t very detailed.

So I waited for it to dry, then wet a cotten bud with water and played around with the dye until i was happy…mostly thining down concerntrations and removing from it the blue metal paint!

Very happy with results, it has massively enhanced the burned up rusted feel. The pictures don’t really do it justice. I’m looking forward to getting some of the other colours, but i would certainly recommend you give these a try on buildings or vehicles. They are easy to use and the effects are amazing.

SPV rusty red 4SPV rusty red 5SPV rusty red 2SPV rusty red 3