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Andersonville S.H.A.D.O. Command

Been working on this for a while…. I wanted to have a lot more of the characters of the series UFO in my S.H.A.D.O. Forces…I already had Commander Ed Straker, but wanted him in a different pose from the original sculpt (I hope Ian Mountain forgives me for butchering the figure!!!) It was tricky but I managed to remove Straker’s arms from behind his back, then add some spares…which i think might be from a perry kit.

I then added a weapon from Crooked dice, normally found in the hands of some federated troopers….for a bit more punch!

Since the original figures head was seperate and I had taken the arms off of one figure, i did it again!…this time the aim was to have a Col. Alec Freeman figure. I took a head from C.D range and sculpted some hair out of Green stuff…..He isn’t that much like said character but for me he will do.

I added some more arms and the same weapon as Straker. I am a huge fan of Crooked Dice, really love everything they do, they have a great range of figures and their accessories range is very handy.

The next conversion I did was of Lt Gay Ellis,  for this I used one of the C.D. heads and I think the early pandora figure…gave her a weapon.

I know she is only supposed to wear that anti static wig on moon base but all the other guys insist she wears it on earth too now;)

Easiest conversion of all was for Col. Paul Foster it was just a paint job.

The New Pandora figure was a straight forward answer to Col. Virginia Lake….she has a sci pistol in her hand. (Thanks for the figure Mike!!!) I hope you like my conversions, they could be better, but will certainly do the job.

Ed Straker with Weapon

Ed Straker with Weapon

Ed Straker with Weapon

Ed Straker with Weapon

Col Freeman with weapon

Col Freeman with weapon

Col Freeman with Weapon

Col Freeman with Weapon

Lt Gay Ellis

Lt Gay Ellis

Lt Gay Ellis

Lt Gay Ellis

Col Paul Foster

Col Paul Foster

Col Virginia Lake

Col Virginia Lake

Col Virginia Lake

Col Virginia Lake

S.H.A.D.O. Mobiles Decals and a bit of Paint!!!

Work had stalled while I waited for the Decals………… The big problem with the Original Decals were one, they were old and yellowed by time…and two very limited in their scope for other vehicles other than S.H.A.D.O Mobile 3 !!!

To the rescue came a company called JBot out of Canada…Jim who runs it has a nice range of decals for most of the sci fi range from Imai and much more….the sheet is pretty extensive being very well researched….well worth a pop if you find yourself with one of these kits…. or in fact any of the others!

Check out his site at the link above.

I really wanted to explore the fact that an organisation as big as S.H.DA.D.O. had more than four Mobiles so Mine are number 6 and of course had to have the command vehicle too!!!!! Also that given a few more years on from the setting in 1980 that their weapon systems would have evolved into something a bit more potent!


Still A lot of work to be done but they are starting to take shape quite nicely….I hope they inspire you to do something similar!!!

Let me know what you think.

Imai Shado MobileImai Shado Mobile


S.H.A.D.O. mobiles armed and body shell base coated

Work on my mobiles progresses slowly, I’m waiting on some decal sheets.

This is as far as I have got, I have added the resin weapons to the roof which move round. Body shells primed and sprayed in silver blue paint…I need to weather it a bit. Models By Imai now long out of production.

Resin weapons by puppetsofwar  and Forge planet  

Muzzle flashes by Armourcast

shado mobile 1Shado mobile 2Shado mobile rocket Shado MobileShado mobilesShado mobiles

Fleet Scale Ships/Starship Combat News

Late last year I joined an excellent forum called Starship Combat News

Lots of very interesting stuff for anyone who likes Sci fi ships. ….there is also a trading post/orbital shipyards section where you can get in touch with people who make their own ships to sell, one such person is Scouls502 you’ll need to join the forum to speak to him and all the other guys who make stuff.

I was able to pick up quite a few ships to fill the holes in my space fleets, Scouls502 also very kindly made me a little proxy for Starbug……pictures will follow!

Amazing detail on all his ships, and a nice guy to boot….highly recommended!


S.H.A.D.O. Forces

These figures are from Crooked Dice The SHADO troops are from the minion range, I have already mentioned Commander Straker.

The Bazooka pyrotechniques are from Armorcast

UFO SHADO TroopsUFO SHADO TroopsUFO SHADO TroopsUFO SHADO TroopsUFO SHADO TroopsUFO SHADO TroopsCommander Straker

“Attack on Andersonville” !!!!!!!!!!!!

During last summer I purchased some figures from crooked dice… they were dead ringers for Captain Scarlet and other Spectrum personnel . I decided then that somehow i would use them in a table top game………but who could they fight?

Eventually it came to me, Sci fi is a leap into the imagination……Daleks!! That lead onto the purchase of variuos Dr who figures, a Tardis…..then late last year Nov/Dec i started listening to the Gerry Anderson series U.F.O. whilst i did my painting, eventually working my way through all episodes.  That and the sad demise of Gerry Anderson on boxing day last year, lead me into purchasing a host of old Imai kits from both series (Scarlet and UFO)…..a fair bit of nostalgia crept into the whole idea.

I remembered the time I had gone to see Gerry Anderson in the early 1990’s during his one man show with one of my friends…..again sadly no longer with us.  I had built an Imai “Sky one” for one of my friends birthdays as a gift……for some reason i felt the need to buy another……then some mobiles, a spectrum helijet and some SPV’s, a MSV….a Stingray…and a Shado interceptor…all rare kits and getting rarer! All these would be used in the table top game along side some daleks and the crooked dice miniatures……… in the coming weeks there will be lots of posts as i complete the various vehicles,  craft and figures…most of which are a work in progress as we speak!…So keep checking back in the coming weeks….lots of interesting stuff to come!



Ed Straker and his Car

I’m a longtime fan of Gerry Anderson shows….one of my Favourites was U.F.O.

I used this looky likey figure from Crooked Dice as my Ed Straker figure….but of course, he needs his famous car……so I managed to get hold of an old dinky 1/43 scale car….in a battered gold plated paint scheme…..stripped it off in a bowl full of dettol for a week and then resprayed it a more correct bronze metallic

So this is the first in my S.H.A.D.O. force

Much more to come……..!!!


Ed StrakerEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's car





Ed Straker carEd Straker carEd Straker car