S.H.A.D.O. Mobiles Decals and a bit of Paint!!!

Work had stalled while I waited for the Decals………… The big problem with the Original Decals were one, they were old and yellowed by time…and two very limited in their scope for other vehicles other than S.H.A.D.O Mobile 3 !!!

To the rescue came a company called JBot out of Canada…Jim who runs it has a nice range of decals for most of the sci fi range from Imai and much more….the sheet is pretty extensive being very well researched….well worth a pop if you find yourself with one of these kits…. or in fact any of the others!

Check out his site at the link above.

I really wanted to explore the fact that an organisation as big as S.H.DA.D.O. had more than four Mobiles so Mine are number 6 and of course had to have the command vehicle too!!!!! Also that given a few more years on from the setting in 1980 that their weapon systems would have evolved into something a bit more potent!


Still A lot of work to be done but they are starting to take shape quite nicely….I hope they inspire you to do something similar!!!

Let me know what you think.

Imai Shado MobileImai Shado Mobile


6 responses to “S.H.A.D.O. Mobiles Decals and a bit of Paint!!!

  • Gary Hawkins

    These are great mobile ideas , I love the missile launcher , I,m making an 8 wheeled shado mobile truck , and converting a dinky mobile to have a turret (probaby from a 1/48 warrior or similar ) . I was browseing for ideas and found you’ve already beaten me to it , lol , I’m still going to build mine , but its nice to see someone else thinks along similar lines . Great effort . I’ve enjoyed looking at them

    • slotkarman

      Hi Gary thanks for the comments, I have been neglecting my blog…I really need to do something about that…so manypictures to add!
      I’m working on something quite exciting to do with U.F.O./Anderson at the moment, but the results won’t be around for a while yet, so you’ll have to keep checking….I’ll say sort of Code 3 as a clue!…..I think you might want one too!

      As for the Shado Mobile can’t wait to see you’re version! it was a natural progression for me…just wanted to give it a make over without changing it too much.
      I’ll be fitting interiors with crews to both of my Mobiles shortly as well as new windows…..I’d like to maybe fit internal lights to the cabin as well but not that great with electronics….have to give that some thought!
      I always wanted the dinky version when i was a boy….but it never happened….I noticed the other day you can even get replacement tracks for them now so restoring one is a lot easier.

  • Gary Hawkins

    Also , very helpful jbot details , I’ll be needing new decals when I repaint the dinky

  • detra12

    Fantastic conversions I love the code three shado mobiles I have a lot of dinky mobiles that have been merged with other vehicles see code 3 models on Facebook if your interested

    • slotkarman

      I’m not on facebook but i’ll see if i can find the pics!
      I’m just getting into this whole code 3 thing…..watch this space for something very interesting in that regard at some point this year!

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