Ed Straker and his Car

I’m a longtime fan of Gerry Anderson shows….one of my Favourites was U.F.O.

I used this looky likey figure from Crooked Dice as my Ed Straker figure….but of course, he needs his famous car……so I managed to get hold of an old dinky 1/43 scale car….in a battered gold plated paint scheme…..stripped it off in a bowl full of dettol for a week and then resprayed it a more correct bronze metallic

So this is the first in my S.H.A.D.O. force

Much more to come……..!!!


Ed StrakerEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's carEd Straker's car





Ed Straker carEd Straker carEd Straker car


6 responses to “Ed Straker and his Car

  • Lightcudder

    I am doing exactly the same! I have managed to get two of the Straker cars, and two figures, and hope to paint one Straker figure in his famous ‘Cream suit’ and the other in a black one. My real difficulty is getting the heads to stick onto the bodies. Not an easy task! I shall follow your post with interest. You have made a great job of the car.

    • slotkarman

      Many thanks for that Lightcudder…I think either super glue has been watered down or the lack of lead in the white metal makes gluing themtogether extremely difficult these days.
      My solution to the problem is i make a tiny ball of green stuff…put glue on the neck attach green stuff, add glue to the G.S. ball then push it on the body…that makes it stick! you then need to tidy up the neck area with a craftknife,just scrape away any excess G.S.
      There is also something you can buy to mix with the super glue to make it bond better. worth a search on the internet for that.
      Are you going to expand your shado force beyond straker and his car?
      Hopefully you’ll post some pictures of the finished figures and cars!
      A lot of people will think it sacriledge to repaint a collectable dinky car in a colour that it wasn’t produced in….but I say…..should have used the right colour to start with then hahahahaha.
      Once i took apart the car I painted the plastic interior black…which is worth doing! If you can get your hands on a seated 1/43rd scale driver you could also change heads with the straker figure….it would then look like he was driving…I might come back to that later….would have to try and convert the remaining body into Alec Freeman!

      • Lightcudder

        Ah! Did you purchase the other figure? I only got two Strakers/Darius ( that’s the Crooked Dice name) And yes, I agree that the car is much better in the proper shade! Yours looks great! I will need to repair the interior of one of mine. it is badly damaged, but I am going to try to rebuild a new interior using tissue paper and glue.. Might work! Thanks for the advice on the heads.. I ended up with my fingers stuck together last time ( Embarrassed look here!) I will post pictures on either the e-zine I help run or my own site, but I would be very pleased if you would allow me to post a link to this site on the S.H.A.D.O. facebook site and a couple of others where UFO is really appreciated.

      • slotkarman

        At the moment I only have one straker figure. Good luck with the interior..as far as i can tell I have not been able to find a spare for that amongst the various dinky sites..the other thing you could do is paint the windows black on the inside…thus hiding the fact it has no seats!

        many thanks for link, that would be appreciated….I’m a big fan of all things UFO. I’ll also have a Sky one and Interceptor listed soon…have yet to start building those….The mobiles (although converted in armament) should be finished shortly.
        I have detailed the Straker car adding black wash to all vents and silver around windows etc….lots of chrome in the days…pictures uploaded here.

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