Ancient Warships

Since I started collecting Roman and Greek figures again I quite liked the idea of an Ancient Warship….Mainly so My Marines would have somewhere to call home! I have always liked the shape and design of Biremes so decided to see if anyone actually made any in such a huge scale.

I was in Luck, by far and away the best ones out there are by Grand Manner

I have The Greek, “Jason’s Argo”

And the Roman Warship. 

 They are large heavy and very expensive but they are superior!

They are a Work in Progress at the moment, more soon, but for now here are some pictures………



2 responses to “Ancient Warships

  • Allan


    I have been eyeing off GM ships for a while for my Romans as well.

    You may have just twisted my rubber arm into buying one!

    I am looking forward to seeing one painted up 🙂

    Happy gaming,


    • slotkarman

      Allan, thanks for your comments, much appreciated. Glad the Bireme has inspired you to buy one, do mention to Dave at G.M. that you saw my post!
      I have modified mine a bit by swapping the railings with the sinking Carthaginian Bireme versions, because they were shield free and i wanted to add my own Hexagonal types! I’m sure if you wanted to do the same Dave would swap the parts for you. Are you going to make some marines to crew it?
      You might also find this link interesting, My friend from Warlord forum, Carvel, has done this with another GM boat!

      i’m aiming to get the Bireme finished during the summer, so keep checking back!

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