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Club Painting 1

We’ve come a long way since we began our after school model club, we started with just an idea to do it, and £3 subs off of all those children attending. It was made easier by “Project Airfix”  who supplied not only kits but paint and brushes which we still use to this day.  Obviously we have expanded our stocks of paint and brushes, glue and basing products from a variety of sources.

Games Workshop, with their school alliance project  have also helped massively with regular boxes of essential products.

In addition to this we’ve raised funds through school fayres selling figures we have painted and models from our own collections, which have enabled us to buy into lots of other genres which would normally have been closed to us.

It also has to be said that we have been extremely lucky with donations of items down the years from so many model manufacturers, friends etc, all of which helps continue to make our club pretty special.

When we started the Headmaster Jeremy and myself would be pretty hands on with construction and painting duties, if time allowed we’d also then use all of the finished models in a tabletop game.  From September last year we have been very lucky to be joined by Karen, one of the school teaching assistants, who kindly stays after the working day to help us out.  She has taken over model/figure construction and painting duties in the club. It has meant that we can have slightly smaller groups, the advantage of this is we get a lot more done!

Of late our three groups are rotated through two different gaming tables, one is normally Games Workshop, the other has been Star wars Legion and a painting table…..in september the group painted some GW Spacemarines……and this years group have been busy painting Star Wars Legion Storm Troopers, here are the results of the first section to complete their figures.

Please remember these figures have been painted by children who’s age is between 8 and 9 and who have limited or no knowledge of this hobby before they joined our club.

I think they have done very well, fantastic work everyone.

Storm 7

Stom 4

Storm 1

Storm 3

Storm 2

Storm 5

Storm 6

Storm 1

storm 2

Storm 3

Storm 4

Storm 5


More shots from the table

Not many action shots, but a few taken just before Kick off, the idea of the game being to take the village before the opposing team did…………….Vader and two stormtroopers made it to the target building in centre of picture…..the remaining Stormtroopers went AWOL…Vader later dealt with their squad leaders.








“Prepare your troops for a surface attack”

Some further battle shots taken with our recon drone cam (!)

More units deployed now that they have been painted up, Rebel units and rusty red speeder bikes  painted by Jez the headmaster. Luke and vader to come.

Other stormtroopers and winter AT-RT by my goodself.

rebels c

Rebel at rt a

rebels a

Rebels b

stormtroopers a

stormtroopers c

stormtroopers d

stormtroopers b

tatooine a

Just before the airstrike which brought down the Imperial Walker.

Speeder bikes guard the Flanks.

In a Galaxy far, far away……..

The Resistance continues……….On Hoth the Empire attacks the Rebel’s “Echo Base”, breaching its defenses and blasting its installations.  The Rebels inflicted heavy casualties on the attacking forces, but it wasn’t enough.

bat 2

A Rebel Air Speeder banks away after blasting the AT-AT

Bat 2 d

The Rebels counter attack

Bat 2 e

like time…AT-AT’s march on…..into the rebel base with light damage.

Bat 2 f

Meanwhile on Tatooine……..

bat 2 g

The Rebels attack an Imperial outpost……

Bat 2 h

Bat 2 I

The Rebel manned A.A.T advances despite damage.

Star Wars Legion

Box 1

Decided to buy into Star wars Legion for after school club before I’d finished painting Dreadfleet!

Figures are a type of resin, and are extremely crisp in detail. May have to try and modify the rules a bit for the club.   So at present we have a titanic amount of painting to do, we have a basic core set for the club, and some stormtroopers that they can assemble paint and take home!!! We have also managed to get some scenery.   In the new year we plan to buy some gaming mats to play it on once we have some funds!!! All the children in the club knew what Star wars was, which for us is a first, other genres have not been as widely known.  They can’t wait to play it, and to be honest nor can we!

This is what we have so far and what I’ve managed to paint.

Darth Vader P1

Darth Vader P2




Speeder Bike A

Speeder Bike C

Speeder Bike B