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Romans on the BBC UPDATED 30th July 2015

Updated 30th July.

Well, my apologies for anyone that wasted an hour of their lives watching that drivel.

The segment that the BBC used my model in was the Time line on the beach at Mary port.

If you missed it, the battle scene was on the third plinth, pretty pointless filming it from 200 yards away, but then the Director clearly is an expert in his field.

Might as well have been a plate of baked beans on toast to be honest. I would imagine the 300+ kids at my wifes school, who’s model it now is will be utterly mortified having waited a year to see it on TV.  The thing that really bothers me about it is the amount of Tax payers money utterly wasted shipping this out to them via insured courior shipping it back and the cost of a replacement display case which was damaged in the process, all for utterly nothing.

Sadly given that the sequence was in fact meant to be a time line it was utterly shambolicly done, they didn’t even do a great job of filming the Roman armour someone had lent them either which should have got vastly more air time than it did. The director clearly felt it was worth focussing in on a blow up of a print at the end of the time which wasn’t even Roman. Given how badly the sequence was cut, they might as well have removed the entire segment.

We live and we learn, another mistake i won’t make again.

Original Post

The BBC have been in touch to say that my model of the Roman Battle scene they used in filming will be shown shortly.

“Coast” series 10, starts it run on Thursday 9th July 2015 at 9pm on BBC2

I believe the model features in episode 4 “The Irish Sea” on Thursday the 30th July at 8pm BBC 2.

This is what to look out for!