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Where to, Sir?


I decided to stage a scene early on in “The Prisoner” episode 1 “Arrival”

Using the Info Mat model and converted 1/43 scale Mini moke



Figure Conversions

Vil men form 3000

Just to illustrate the differences a comparison shot.

Arms and legs have all been moved from original pose and all three figures use a common body….not much difference betwen no.6 and 12, fairly subtle in fact.

The Schizoid Man

Vill no 12 A

Been meaning to do this for a while now. Here is No.12 from the “The Schizoid Man” episode.

I slightly modified his stance and angled his head, so he is slightly different from My No. 6 figure.

Yeah Baby, Yeah !!!!

Vill Austin 1Vill Austin 2Vill Austin 3Vill Austin 4

“Groooovy baby”…It was just a question of time before Austin Powers found himself being held against his will, alongside a lot of other 1960’s agents in North Wales!

Typically he has chosen an outlandish blazer and neckerchief combo from the Village stores, he has been given the number 66…which means he might well be a neighbour of Mrs peel (65) !!!!!

Anyway, we love Mike Myers, when are you doing Austin Powers 4????…I think i have a plot for you 😉

The figure is actually the same body I used for Number 6 with a head swap and “Green stuff” Neckerchief. I very carefully reposed the arms and legs so that the figure looked like he was doing Austin’s mad dance routine from the opening shots of the movie..its as close as i could manage, I’m not a sculpter! very happy with this figure. You can buy the parts I used on the Crooked dice website


Pi 1

Well, its been a while since my last post….but I have made some progress with the village buildings. First on the list was “The Gloriette” which is the centre piece of Portmeirion and features heavily in several episodes of “The Prisoner”.

Now I have the basis of the Piazza I will begin to add a details,  like walls, plants and all the other features, but at this moment I just wanted to take the time to show you the basic builidng itself. The Gloriette is actually a “Folly” and only has the one main wall. The original builidng’s balcony doorway leads out on to a road, which at the rear of builing is at ground level !

Getting this model produced as been quite a long journey from photos and plans through to 3d software for laser cutting. Mike (pigeon guard games) toiled for some time on the detailed sections and produced various pieces of artwork which were beyond my pay scale 😉 Thanks Mike!!! I  concentrated my efforts on the simple stuff!  I am already working on the next building..news soon.

Invaluable in the research phase has been my friend over at “the unmutual” website Rick Davy who visited Portmeirion on several occasions and took huge numbers of photos and other details needed….Thanks Rick ;)……all actual photos of Portmeirion are reproduced here with his kind permission.

Anyone visiting Portmeirion will be able to buy this model in the Prisoner gift shop on site, or alternatively you can order online at our website Pigeon Guard Games here

There are various ways to recreate the water effects in the pond, for this version I used clear resin poured over some 28mm scales leaves that always seem to litter the pond at certain time of year. I then topped off the resin with some acrylic gel to create the ripple effects of water. I am currently working on the Fountain…pictures soon!

I thought I would take some shots with my “Villagers” and Mokes in situ.

Figures are a mix of converted Foundry and the fantastic Crooked Dice

Arv 3

Arv 4

Arv 5

Arv 6

Arv 8b

Arv 9

The Prisoner Mini Moke (conversion)

(Anybody wishing to purchase Decal sheet used on this project can do so here via ebay)

I picked up a 1/43 Mini Moke just before Christmas with the intention of converting it into “The Village Taxi”. The model was part of the James Bond Car collection and had a canopy attached in blue and white stripes.

1/43 James Bond Collection Mini Moke

1/43 James Bond Collection Mini Moke

1/43 James Bond Collection Mini Moke

1/43 James Bond Collection Mini Moke

1/43 James Bond Collection Mini Moke

1/43 James Bond Collection Mini Moke

The first thing I need to do was to paint out the blue strips and make the whole canopy white, also needed to do something about the rear window too, so elected to fill it in with Green stuff.

Work begins

Work begins

Moke 7

It took several thin coats of white paint to fully cover the stripes, I also neglected to take photos of the green stuff on rear window!

I also made a spare wheel for the back of the Moke out of Green stuff as the Bond version did not come with one.

My first thought was to paint in the correct colour stripes, but sadly my hand is not that steady, so the only answer was to design a decal sheet..which i did.

It took a great deal of patience to do. and some special solvents from Micro scale to help the decals conform to the surface of the model.

Ultimately I was very happy with the result, much better than I could have done with a brush.

1/43 Prisoner Mini Moke Conversion

1/43 Prisoner Mini Moke

1/43 Prisoner Mini Moke Conversion

1/43 Prisoner Mini Moke

1/43 Prisoner Mini Moke Conversion

1/43 Prisoner Mini Moke