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After School Club….The Battles!

We have a set of Meng model Tanks we use for Gaming in the club, The rules we use are a stripped down version of Battlefront games “Tanks” rules, we modified the stats cards for easy reference and made our own set of tokens, rulers etc. I also made some fire markers from cotton wool balls to place on destroyed tanks.

Really have to put in a big plug here for battlefront games rules, they worked fantastically well for what we wanted, easy to pick up and fast, which is essential when you only have around 45 minutes playing time.

The first set of photos are mixture of several differnt games over several weeks using our 8 Shermans and 4 Tigers. You’ll notice the Sherman Players like to bunch up and take cover for protection! Results were pretty even, sometimes the Tigers won, sometimes it was the Shermans

group game 1

group game 2

Group game 3

group game 5

battle table

battle late

battle group 2 C

We decided to take our game to the School Christmas fair to raise some funds as well as interest in our little group. We trimmed the rules a little bit more, the objective being for the Sherman players to knock out the Tiger Tank, the person that did so would be entered into a prize draw…for a model kit!  The Tiger Tank was eventually knocked out each time…not surprising since it had to take on 4-6 Shermans at a time!

I only had time for a couple of shots……very busy evening!

Chrim 1

Chrim 2

Chrim 3

Our last Club session of the year was a massive tank battle, some of the groups completed models were used alongside all the club models, the battlefield area was about 6ft X 6ft. with some mountains in the middle of the board! it was also the first time I had managed to play the game.

The Shermans (13), plus a KV2 had faced off against 4 Standard Tiger 1’s, one Tiger 1 ace, and a Tiger II.  Tigers took some damage but none were actually knocked out in the battle. the Shermans however lost about 8 and the KV2, the remaining tanks were huddled in the middle of the battlefield taking cover and unable to fire at any Tigers for most part of the game! The Tigers split up into two groups and destroyed everything in their path. Time ran out before the battle could be finished but victory was given to the Tigers.

Big Battle 1

Big battle 2

Big Battle 3

Big Battle 4

Big Battle 5

Big Battle 6

Big Battle 7