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Oldhammer 40k Catachan Army For Sale!


I have lots of visitors to my blog who are 40k/Space crusade players so here is a little treat for them.

One of my friends is finally selling off his old 40k Catachan army on ebay

Link here

Fully assembled and painted to a very high standard the full list of units are as follows

Armoured infantry.

A well painted 40k army. A mixture of steel legion power and catachan

Imagine an army dragged together in the face of unstoppable hoards.
1 X Lemann  russ.
1 X Command vehicle
.basilisk X 1
2 X jungle walkers
2x steel legion walkers
1x jagdtiger
1x troop flyer
Lots of infantry …a mixture of heavenly lead and practical plastic.
A rare chance to get your hands on such a huge piece of nostalgia….but you’d better be quick!!!!

Roman Battle scene at the BBC !!!!

During the summer I recieved an email from Dan a researcher for the BBC programme “Coast”. They wanted to use my model of the Romans Vs Celts Battle scene for a segment in one of their shows (series 10) , I believe, at Maryport in Cumbria, to illustrate a time line.

The model wasn’t actually mine as it was donated to my wife’s school, so had to ask them first, they were of course very happy to loan it out.

So I packed it up, very carefully and sent it on it’s way. Inevitably there was some risk attached, models are delicate things, after being away a couple of weeks filming and clearly having some adventures the model did return with some battle damage!

Dan and the BBC were very gracious about putting it right and replaced the damaged dust case lid…..and I fixed up any breakages to the figures. It was completely restored to it’s original condition and is now back at school being used again to help the children learn about Celts and Romans.

Series 10 of “Coast” is not due to be broadcast until sometime in 2015…when I have a date I will let you know!

It may only be for a fleeting glimpse but everyone at the school and myself included, are quite excited to see it!

As a sideline to this story it may be worth pointing out the Centurion leading the Roman wedge formation in this picture…….

Carvel's Centurion

Carvel’s Centurion

……was donated to me by my friend Carvel, for use in this diorama. However, the actual figure he sent is kind of famous already as it had been photographed and published in Wargames Illustrated ( issue 306 top of page 86)…….the figure gets to be seen by a great deal of people/children while on dispaly at school, on this blog and now he is going to be on TV……(I hope fame won’t go to his white metal head or I’ll have to get him an agent!) he might possibly be the most viewed 28mm Roman Centurion ever made?

So I guess more positive Karma at work!

To round off here are a few shots of the boxed battle scene I neglected to post last time round.

Case 1Case 2