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28mm Miniature Figure launch!!!!

Mike's Fabulous Flyer He's good with graphics isn't he?

Mike’s Fabulous Flyer
He’s good with graphics isn’t he?

For several months now my friend Mike and myself have been working hard behind the scenes on forming a miniature company to produce 28mm figures.

Both of us decided that if we couldn’t get the figures we actually wanted, we’d get them made ourselves! We also felt that it was time to take our hobby interests to the next level, both of us have spent much of our lives painting and assembling kits and I guess we both wanted to be on the other side of the shop counter for once!

We share common interests but have complimentary skill sets which is invaluable in doing something like this…but even as highly talented as we are 😉 we can’t sculpt…or cast things!!!! So we commissioned some of the finest artisans in the land to do this properly!!!!

I think you’ll agree the sculpting is fabulous, and the casting is perfection itself….extremely high quality stuff!

We decided to start small, carefully and slowly building the business in a gradual way. What we offer is  pretty niche, we’re not so interested in large armies, just skirmish style figures for a host of different style games.  The quality of the figures will speak for themselves.

So our magical mystery tour begins,  We hope that you will come along for the ride…..who knows where it will take us?

Our figure is scaled in 28mm, and we call him “Big T” he’s suitable for a range of skirmish style games from Pulp to Zombies. He comes with an optional cigar hand, so you can replace the pistol.

He’s limited to only 100 copies in resin world wide and comes in a numbered packet, and is sure to be highly collectable, so if you have him on your festive seasonal shopping list you might want to buy him soon.

If this figure is a success we are looking to extend the range and also move into other genres.

We have some big plans, but can only do this with your support,  but for now we hope you will like our first foray into the world of 28mm miniatures!

To take a closer look at our first ever sculpt which is a limited edition resin figure go to our website link below

Pigeon Guard Games

Green Sculpt

Green Sculpt

Green with resin copy

Green with resin copy

28mm modern resin gangster

28mm Resin Modern gangster