Flatpack Forces

We have managed to get our hands on some more of the rather Excellent preprinted figures from Flatpack Forces

These sets will be used in our club games when we do a D&D style RPG, the Adventurer set provides a number of very useful hero types.

The characterisation style for these figures really makes them stand out.¬† My personal favourite is the Human Wizard…to me he looks a lot like Russell Brand!!I’m sure its not intended but once you see it, i don’t think you can unsee it!

Russell is a bit of a Guru now which we really admire (worth checking out his vids on his youtube channel) So I think it is appropriate that the wizard looks like him.

Wizz 2

Russell Brand the Wizard???

Here is the rest of the cast

adventurers 2

We have yet to assign any names to the other characters!


Of course Heroes need someone to clash with….in the short term it will be some Dastardly Bandits, but we can see several future purchases of Goblins, Orcs etc.

Dast 1

Dastardly Bandits!

We need to sit down and think about some scenery for these guys over the summer, so will see what we can make in a similar flat style.

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