The Hulk….

Hulk 1

No, not that one, a rusted, knocked out Sherman.  Even on table top games there can be some attrition, bits get broken from time to time, this Sherman had some of its drive wheels and idlers broken and it was getting difficult to fix them and enable them still to spin round, so we decided to replace the Tank with a new Sherman and use the old broken one as a piece of scenery or objective marker.

I used a heated up drill bit to poke through some shell holes, clearly the Tigers have been busy on this one;)

This is a work in progress, the lighting on this photo hasn’t really picked out the different shades of rust there are at least 5 shades, from dark red through orange and up to yellow and a brown wash!

I’m going to use the salt technique for the next stage, there are plenty of youtube videos of how to do this, but basically you use an atomiser, in this case an old nose spray bottle filled with water to wet the model, then poor over various grades of rock salt, table salt, baking soda, then leave to dry.  At this stage you might want to add more salt, or even remove some from various areas. This Model is now drying after being covered in a salt mix and is awaiting the top coat of Olive Drab.

Once this is done all the salt is rubbed off and you are left with a pretty rusty and massively damaged paint job! Once salt is removed I will spray a layer of Model mates rust ink over it then wipe….Photos when we get to that stage!

hulk 2


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