After School Club, Finished Tanks.

With The first 10 or so weeks of Model club now concluded, the first groups tanks are now all complete. For most of them these were the first model kits they have ever made or painted.

Our club has already inspired several of them to buy further Meng Models, World War Toon Tanks to build at home, and many of them have also taken trips out to the tank Museum at Bovington to see real tanks up close and personal!

Below are photos of all the finished tanks from group one…..second group begins in new year.

Ptank 1

Ptank 4

ptank 5

Ptank 7

Fury 1

Titan 35 s

Turbo 2

Group 2 A

Group 2 B

Group 2 C

Group 2 D

Group 2 E

Group 2 F

Sher 1

Sher 2

sher 3

sher 4

Sher 5

T34 A


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