After school Club 5

DW dalek destroyed gold

Dr Who 1



For the next Club we thought we’d go a bit Sci fi.

I had spent some weeks collecting the figures from ebay, I went after the daleks but also managed to get quite a sizeable amounts of other alien races, like Cybermen and Sontarans. All these figures were issued free sometime ago with the Childrens Comic “Dr Who Adventures” and were roughly 28mm ish, (enough for me to consider an army or two of Daleks for myself. )

Dr Who figures (11th and 12th ) are from the now long defunct range from Crooked Dice, the Doctor has at least one regeneration if he comes a cropper!

After an epic amount of painting I had managed to get together two dalek armies and still have some left for the children to keep  for themselves.

I also managed to paint and convert hundreds more figures for selling at the summer fayre to rise more funds for the club, but more about that later……

cybermod 2

DW Dalek section Gold

DW dalek section red

DW Judoon

DW The Silence

dw sontaran

DW weeping angel

Some shots of the battlefield, we used a street in other games, sadly no photos of that!

Battlefield 2

battlefield 3

battlefield 4

Here is our Summer fayre stall to raise club funds

This is another good way to raise funds and buy stuff for the club

table 1

some of the conversions for sale!

Gold Rocket art Dalek

Gold Flak dalek

Gold dalek squad

We also ran a participation game with the help of some of the club members

table 2

All the Daleks and other aliens  were sold and we raised enough funds for our next project.

8 responses to “After school Club 5

  • John Parkin

    Tip- For the Sontarans, adding a gun improves them 100%, if you are short on spare guns then you can make a holster out of card or plasticard.

  • slotkarman

    Hi John many thanks, I have to say i was a bit worried about the conversion on these so left them….have you got any pictures and I’ll have a bash!

  • slotkarman

    Sadly John your photo isn’t visible on here due to the photo hosting nazis

  • slotkarman

    I think you have to pay them and they give you access to your copyright back, sounds a lot like cyberhighway robbery to me, I haven’t bothered, its killed some forums and I guess its devasted whole sections of the internet,
    i hope they are pleased with themselves!

    • John Parkin

      So what would be the point of them now? I can store my pics on a memory stick if i don`t want to share on forums. I have not been posting stuff in a long time, i will have to go through my various groups and if they are all affected i may as well delete the photobucket account. WTFlip?

  • slotkarman

    exactly! its basically extortion, all my photos have gone from a couple of forums, along with a lot of other peoples. Pretty sure you will find all your photos replaced with that little blue pic telling you to update your account.
    Soul destroying really a lot of people have lost a vast body of work. that is now longer free for all to access. Luckily i have a blog. at present posting pics on FB is free, but we know why that is don’t we! hahahaha but alas, i think forums as we knew them are dead.

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