After School Club 2


We ordered some Spitfires for our next set of 10 weeks, then for the next some Bf 109Es The hope being that once the models were assembled and painted we could have a table top battle with some basic rules.  The children had been studying WW2 so knew some information about the Battle of Britain.  We started with a little talk about what we would be making and a bit of back ground history, which often involves some books or watching some clips on “youtube” and often bringing in our own models to show them.  Then it was down to business.

Spitfire Table

spit table 1

BF 109 table

109 table 1

spit table 2

Display models as reference.

109 table 2


Once complete we use plastic cups as flight stands and have a table top battle, this is the 109 flying circus, some of the children kept to the basic camouflage, and others liked to do their own thing which is fine, its about having fun.

A Flying Circus update

Some battle shots, cotton wool smoke/damage markers.

A battle 1

A Battle 2

A Battle 3

A battle 4

A Battle 5

A Battle 9

Club A 109e group

Sometimes we bring in our own models to add a bit more variety!

Bat 1

bat 2

Bat 4

Bat 5Spitfire squadron



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