After School Club 1

protobase A

My wife is a teacher in a first school and I often have to help out making models and doing various arty things for her displays and topics, so it seemed like a natural move to do an after school club that revolved around model making or gaming.

So, about 3 years ago I started a model club which I co run with the headmaster Jeremy.  We wanted to try and give the kids of year 3 and 4 a chance to experience model making and trying to bring in some new recruits to our hobby, and give them something else to do and think about apart from their phones!

One of the main issues with an after school club is funding it, models are expensive and children can’t really afford to bring in much more than £4 for their club subs, and that might cover a 10 week period.

A good place to start is Airfix, we knew they had some offers on for schools so we checked out their website and found that we could order enough WW1 British Mk 1 Tanks to start a club of around 10 or 12.  the offer included some paint and brushes which really helped and some glue…..and it was all within budget.

I decided to add a little display base for the model to show some them some basic basing techniques.

Mk 1 base D

Base 2

Protobase B

Base 3

Mk 1 Base E

After several weeks of construction, the fun started with the painting, especially the camouflage! The bases took several days to dry and did have a lot in common with the gloopy conditions in the trenches.

I failed to take a group shot of the models, which is a bit disappointing.

Overall we felt the WW1 tanks were a bit tricky for the children to start with, so for our next group we moved onto Aircraft.



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