Mini Moke Hub Caps

Fellow Prisoner fan Jeremy from Jersey (Channel Islands) very kindly sent me some parts that work as hub caps for the Mini Mokes, making them more accurate, since the Taxis used in filming had them. (the bond moke doesn’t have them)

Added them to my Taxis and they work fantastically well.

Thanks Jeremy!!!

Moke cap 4Moke caps 2


3 responses to “Mini Moke Hub Caps

  • Scot Fergie

    Hello, can you supply 2 sets of hubcaps for my 2 moke models? I bought them and your decals inspired by your site. thanks, Scot

    • slotkarman

      Hi Scott, sadly I am not in position to supply the parts, as there are no more left. (and they weren’t mine to start with) I would recommend using a little “Green stuff” model filler or something similar to make a hub cap and then paint it silver.
      it would be fairly straight forward to do, make a little ball then push it flat onto wheel, and correct with a tool like a craft knife, or something similar, once you are happy with it allow to dry before painting.
      Hope that helps

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