More village people ” I am not a number”

Finally made decals of the numbers for the Villagers badges.

No2 BbNo6 BbNo8 Bbno26 ano29 aNo24 ano41 aNo 54 bNo65 aNo66 bNo112 aNo 18 aNo 73 a


2 responses to “More village people ” I am not a number”

  • Richard Venn

    Is there any chance I can encourage you to make and sell any more No 6 figures and models

    I have brought and asembled the ones on the Unmutual site, but I found it too late to get anything else

    Many thanks
    Kind regards

    • slotkarman

      Hi Richard, thanks for the comment. You’ll be pleased to know that we have a new model coming out in the next couple of weeks, this time it will be the control room walls and doorway………which should be fairly innovative, you’ll see why when its out! I am already working on the Green Dome model which will go over the the whole control room. I’m hoping that it will be available by the end of the year, but these things do take a great deal of time and effort to get in production, not to mention money! The Green dome is a fairly complex model, in terms of design and the materials we need to use to achieve it. But we think you’ll like it once its available. We intend to keep going with scenery and buildings. Crooked dice have a fair few figures that can be used as villagers and are in scale with our buildings, so if you haven’t seen them already you need to head over there and buy them, They also have a Moke coming out at some point too. The only way to get more figures is to buy their existing ones and ask for some new editions, So do Email Karl and let him know what you’d like to see, I personally would like to see a figure based on No.48 with top hat and braided jacket.
      I do occassionally paint and build things to sell on ebay, but its a huge investment in time, and I really only do this to generate funds to pump into making more village buildings. If you require any commissions of figures to be done, I do know someone who is a great painter, and can put you in touch with him for a quote if you’d like, just say, he’s very reasonably priced too.
      Kind regards

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