Village Sentinel Drones Updated

Completely redesigned my Sentinel Drone bases from scratch. I sculpted a new base with model filler, this was the 4th attempt, so these are MkIV’s !

I then went away and made a mold, and replicated it. The real effort is in the painting of the base. Pebble design is based on the pathways at Portmeirion, but I took some liberties/artist license with weathered paving slabs and over grown grass verges, in real life these things are perfect.

For anyone interested in buying some of these fully painted models to go with their 28mm figures or car collection, a limited number are available from Rick over at the superb “The Unmutual”   (a Prisoner based website) With the proceeds going to “Hope house childrens Hospices”, so please get in touch with him and he’ll sort you out.

Rov 2Rov 5Rov 8Rov me 2Rov me 5


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