1/43 Austin Princess Hearse

Well it’s Fathers day here in UK……..and look what i got! hahahahaha, excellent! The Austin Princess hearse features very heavily in the opening titles of The Prisoner, and crops up in the occassional episode too…it is like most of the vehicles used in the series, Iconic.  It completes the set for me.  I will make some Decals to show the correct number plate.

One thing that is apparent is its size compared to the tiny Lotus and Moke. A very detailed model, made by “Oxford” and is scaled at 1/43.

hearse 3bHearse 4bhearse 5bHearse 6bhearse 7bhearse 8bHearse set bb


6 responses to “1/43 Austin Princess Hearse

  • scot

    Hi – just got one for Christmas – supebly detailed model, any plans for the TLH plates? Can’t wait to order a pair!

  • Scot Fergie


    Have you got round to making any “TLH 858” plates for this beast of a model?

    If you have let me know and I’ll buy a set.



    • slotkarman

      Hi Scott, I haven’t as yet made any decals but when i do I will let you know, its a summer job mainly as i need a dry day to complete task, I also need to get some decal paper in, I have lots of others to do at same time so it becomes quite a big job!!!
      keep checking back though because there is something coming soon which you might like;)

  • Andrew Reed

    A few mods need to be made for TLH858, it isn’t just a matter of changing the plates. For instance …. the removal of the offside front foglamp …. removal of the roof rack …. addition of a fabric roof.

  • slotkarman

    Thanks Andrew, good points but that level of accuracy is not going to be required, if i had more time and it was going into an official display, I would certainly do that….and i still might, but i haven’t even had time to sort the plates yet! I was just thankful that such a vehicle was available in a usable scale!
    If you get round to such a conversion would love to see photos.

  • 1bigal

    Well, according to the link below, there are both fog lamps, roof rack and a metal roof.


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