Saying Goodbye…..Ming The Merciless’ Space ship

I loved Buster Crabbes “Flash Gordon” and in particular the Retro style Space ships of that era, amongst the first Sci fi ships ever dreamed up.

Bought this Model at least 12 years ago it was made by Herb Deeks, pretty sure you can’t get this now, at least not easily.I paid as much in postage for it as the model cost at the time, on account it is a great hunk of resin, and it was coming airmail from the states!

I think the box art said it was 1/72 scale, but easily big enough to be used with 28mm figures. Making some space in my collection, and since I have never developed this with other figures, and unlikely to in the near future, I have decided to sell it off to someone who might make better use of it.

Update it has been sold.

Ming 1Ming 3Ming 4


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