Village Sentinel Drones……..

Made some bases for my Sentinel Drones…… Rovers to you;)

Bases are 60mm

I tried very hard to replicate the pathway in the Village, I have weathered the slabs much more than they are in real life!…and the  flower beds, in the actual village are much, much neater than mine!

Rover 1Rover 2Rover 3Rover 4


2 responses to “Village Sentinel Drones……..

  • Argentbadger

    Wow, really impressive basing. Probably this is the most important bit of basing you’ll ever do, since the Rover is pretty dull looking without something ‘normal’ to contrast with.

  • slotkarman

    Thank you! yes, it does take a leap of faith to get past Rover’s obvious aesthetic failings!!!
    The base does make it work, I think.
    Have improved on the base with better cobbles which I will make a mould for.
    I must really make an effort to finish the Alouette II Helicopter, which should be my next post. Needs detailing and some work on the base….oh and some decals.

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