Spectrum Pursuit Vehicles (S.P.V.)

One of the most Iconic vehicles of all Gerry Andersons series, The Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle or S.P.V.

Finally managed to complete them, added some mesh grills to the air intakes, these areas needed a bit of work as the original Imai kit had missile launches here!!!!!!!!!!

One one of the vehicles I opened up the little cannon flap on front…and added a gun barrel and a Pyrotechnic muzzle blast from Armorcast

Decals/transfers are by the excellent Jbot  The gold S of the spectrum logo is stunning, compared to the orange Brown of the Imai kit decals. Worth every penny if you are going to make this kit.

I have included a 28mm crooked dice miniture for scale in one of the shots.

SPV fin 1SPV fin 2SPV fin 3SPV fin 4SPV fin 5SPV fin 6SPV fin 7


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