Humbrol Metal Cote Paint and an M.S.V. Respray!

I managed to pickup a can of of the above paint in a polished steel colour (probably better to call it brushed steel!)

I didn’t want the surface of the Maximum Security Vehicle (MSV) to be quite as shiny and reflective as a mirror…like say a P51 Mustang or Sabre jet fighter which is shiny aluminium.

The dulled metal effect was all i needed.

I repainted the MSV as i wasn’t entirely happy with the original paint job, (which was a silver carpaint over primer paint….and a black wash on top.)

The Paint

really strange going on, it has more in common with a fire extinguisher…the dry powder one for electrical fires!…it seems to go on very dry…and then quickly dries to a powdery black sooty effect.

I waited the recommended 30 minutes, took it inside, and buffed with cloth for around 20 mintes until i was happy with it.

One of the main advantages is that if there are any gaps/cracks/detail in the surface the paint stays black within it…so it does your weathering for you…no need for a black wash!

As i buffed the steel colour came through and a very dull shine began to appear…like I said i didn’t want the surface mirror effect!

Much more even colour than a normal can of spray metallic paint, even if the photo’s don’t do it justice, it is a massive improvement over what I had before. I can’t wait to use the polished Aluminium version on a suitable fighter aircraft kit!!!

So i don’t want to come across as some sort of poster boy for humbrol, but this paint is impressive, and I would recommend that you have a go with it. Be very careful the can actually says that it is “Metal Cote” and not just an ordinary can of metallic silver paint!!!

It was difficult to track down having been to several places to get it, but certainly worth the time and trouble to search out.

Metal cote paint

Metal cote paint

Metal cote paint

Metal cote paint


7 responses to “Humbrol Metal Cote Paint and an M.S.V. Respray!

  • knightfamily1

    A great idea as there are a good number of M.S.V. on eBay that have been dug out of the toy box in need of a re-spray and some TLC.

    • slotkarman

      Hi Dave, thanks again..yes that isn’t a bad idea so many old dinkys around at swap meets and ebay….replacement parts are also abundant so they can be restored to life once more!!
      Also wanted to say Love your trigan empire stuff on your blog, I used to read various comics when i was a boy with that particular strip in…what’s not to like..Romans and sci fi???? 😉

  • John Smith

    That effect… this looks like Derek Meddings own,
    its an awesome finish. So, these figures are 1/72 – 1/48?
    That’s pretty versatile then; you’ll be able to have scale recreations of the Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet (of note, the original series as opposed to the New Adventures of CGI series). Maybe even Stingray?
    This metal effect would serve as a very versatile base… especially if you go on to do various kinds of rust effects – copper corrosion, iron rusting, titanium oblusion (that weird flakey colour it can get depending on what’s around it…).

    So, I’m wondering when we get to see some villains…
    where’s Conrad Black at?
    hows about the Hood?
    I think I’ve seen some 1/72 fish kits lurking around for the fish people of Stingray – those things were creepy as when I was a kid. Much scarier than Captain Scarlet hehe.

    It’d be awesome to see the Airfix destiny angels along side TB1 and TB2 to scale – International Rescue had help to remain secret for so long… SPECTRUM was able to help em keep on the downlow hehehe.

    F.A.B. or S.I.G… whatever the signoff is haahaha

    • slotkarman

      Hi John…
      many thanks for the comparison with the great mr Meddings! I think he’d like me Helijet! hahahaha the figures are 28mm the vehicles are somewhere in the ball park!!
      I have a couple of knocked out SPV’s i will be working on with some rust effects but need to get round to buying those! the hulls were treated with rock salt and sprayed…but i want to enhance them.
      I have on the work bench a pair of Imai large SPV’s (not knocked out!) that seem a great size fit for the 28mm figures…I guess they are 1/48 so close enough for me!!!!
      they should be finished over this weekend.
      i am months away from finishing my Sky 1, Interceptor (UFO) and Stingray which is a bit undersize but will serve as a harbour decoration!

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