Ork Boys

Ork B 1Ork B 2Ork b 3Ork B 4Ork b 5Ork B 6Ork B 7Ork B 9Ork B 10Ork B 11Ork B 12Ork B 13


2 responses to “Ork Boys

  • knightfamily1

    40K Orks weapons always seem to me so very Steam Punk now that is an idea for wargame in Victoria’s England although HRH would not be amused?

    • slotkarman

      Big fan of steam punk although i have no models as yet, love all that martian invasion stuff of H.G. wells, there is a fair bit of steam punk out there so maybe one day i’ll get involved in it!
      Have to say, not a massive fan of 40k, I just get to paint the old school stuff from time to time….have none of my own, but i do really like kit bashing so the orks appeal to me from that point of view.
      I did once make a great Ork mech out of a Star wars Scout walker for one of my daughters friends…that was fun!

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