For a few Dollars More………..

A Special Post this one, my friend Clive had his 50th Birthday a few weeks back, so a few friends decided to get together and paint him some figures for him, he had expressed a desire to play a rule set called  Dead Mans Hand,

My contribution to this were some beautifully sculpted figures by Ebob Miniatures.   Bob himself helped me out with some reference shots of the rear of the poncho!

My favourite westerns are those with Clint Eastwood, and of those the Spaghetti westerns are amongst my favourites, just can’t have a western game without “the man with no name”

So here are Ebobs looky likies for Ramon and Blondie….

Happy 50th Clive, and hope you have fun with your figures!

Blondie 5BBBlondie R2BRamonGF 3BB


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